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    Any evolutionary cause for a mushroom shaped penis?
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    Growers Versus Showers: A Meaningful (Or Useful) Distinction?

    Yafi et al. have conducted a study that will be of great interest to the lay community and also of import to practicing urologists who routinely encounter patients with concerns about the appearance of their phallus [1]. <i>Grower</i> or <i>shower</i>? Predictors of change in penile length from the flaccid to erect state

    In one study 14% of men expressed dissatisfaction with their genitals with flaccid penile length being the most common source of dissatisfaction [2]. Characterization of Genital Dissatisfaction in a National Sample of US Men

    The concerns of such men tend to be the perception that their penis is small, or at least smaller than the penises of other men.

    Shindel AW. Growers versus showers: a meaningful (or useful) distinction? International journal of impotence research 2018;30:355-6. Growers versus showers: a meaningful (or useful) distinction?

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  3. I’m gonna guess the map is likely based on self performed measurements, I find it hard to believe that so many countries have an average length of 6 2/3”-7.05” lol. And why are the studies so focused on length when girth and volume matter more? An 8.5” long dick (not very common) is worthless if it only has a girth of 3” Girth also has a bigger influence on volume than length does.
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    Agreed, also measuring your dick in CM is a CLASSIC small dick move right up there with measuring from the balls
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    Got a friend with 20,5cm for real (he is not even black). He says to me: you would like to have it, it's like a weapon.
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    anyone have experience with the LG hanger? I need to get 1 extra inch because I'm 6'4 and I think accutane stunted my dick growth as a teen.
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    Head over to Thunders Place or PE Gym. You’ll find a LOT more answers there.
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    what's up tiny
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    They must have some radioactive isotope that makes your pecker big that was put into diapers while they are babies in Columbia, or maybe diapers protect the mass population from the radioactive dick growing isotope. And people in Columbia don’t use diapers on their children. Lol
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    Still nothing.

    I think this was on the Daily Mail a week ago you can probably search for it there.
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    Since i would only move there for the women you are saying the women there have penises as well?
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    women don't have penises.
    that is not an opinion.
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  13. Incorrect, there are intersex people with chromosomal abnormalities that causes issues with hormones and receptors, so you can have an XY male that develops a pussy and balls on the inside because there was no exposure to androgens or female XX with what looks like a dick and/or a combination called ambiguous genitalia. You see a dick and pussy is made from the same tissue, it will develop based on what hormones they’re exposed to. That is a fact not an opinion. The “measurements” on this map are imaginary however.
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    Lol, here comes king hermaphrodite him/herself!
  15. Your prolapsed rectum after I finished with you says there’s no ambiguity here.
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  17. Everyone already knows
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    Damn you
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    What about Vlad the Impaler?
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    what is a clitoris but a little glans?