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    Women always say they like big cocks until they get pain checked by one...
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    I just messed around the other day and got a penis pump at one of those sex toy joints online with the regular order of fun stuff from time to time. I figured that it was worth a try before I die. It WAS DIRT CHEAP like 13 bucks (place on line called pink cherry or something like that make other look like rip-off artist REALLY CHEAP BLEW MY MIND..) Man just a cheap ass BULB TYPE PUMP ACTION WILL SUCK THE CHROME OFF A BUMPER...!!!!! Yur cock comes out of that bastard so fucking hugmongous that it will literally blow your fucking minds...!!!! Never dreamed..

    Here's a funny story. So I get the bastard and of course can't wait to try it. I think it was thanksgiving even and everyone was busy up front it had arrived day before. So I'm locked in a room just a pumping away completely freaking over the results and just PARANOID AS A WOMBAT..:eek::eek::D:p So the fucking wife knocks on the locked door. NOW THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART SO LEARN FROM THIS. I paniced and RIPPED THE BASTARD OFF MY COCK WITHOUT DEPRESSING THE AIR RELEASE BUTTON.. BIG MISTAKE..!!!! Can you say INSTANT EDEMA..! :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused: Holy SheiitttE..!!! I thought I had destroyed my cock for sure. I'm off at Penis Growth web sites with my dick taped up to prevent the swelling from going out of control. They kinda laughed at me and said chill it would be gone by morning and it was...

    Later I did get busy with it a few more times of course to see what would happen and it does really provide some enlarged wood. If you used your cock for sex withing the next couple of hours the results are definitely visible.

    Really makes me wonder if one of those should be in a young man's arsenal at his developmental moment in time and would it make a huge difference when the GH transition took place.???? Cause really as I recall it, seems like one day your cock is tiny and then all of the sudden you just wake up with "man-cock" in a boy's body still.. L.... O.... L.... but serious... To place this vac at this time. I wonder could it even injure permanent..? There should be more information though these things are DANGEROUS IN UNTRAINED HANDS...! LOL And when you see one of those high tech ones out there labeled "Cock Blaster" or something like that with a brake bleeder type pump capable of achieving 30 pounds of pull - WATCHOUT - You don't need this / it would DESTROY YOUR COCK..!! I think I heard once that your penis can handle maybe 8 lbs or whatever the scale is one vacuum terms..... Its true.. And whats odd about the pumps with the ball type vac pump is that the max pressure is achieved when that pump ball is JUST RETURNING to full round after a squeeze.. Weirdest experience ever...!:eek::D;):cool:

    This is the exact one...
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  4. For my American friends: not only do you not measure up on the ice, apparently you dont quite measure up in the underwear department either. No wonder you guys are so hostile. :)
  5. George Carlin on the Bigger Dick Foreign Policy

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    Penis pump ftw. I use it almost everytime, 30 minutes right before sex. My 5" girth goes to 6". Im long in that department, so 5" girth looks odd. Whats nice is that I keep about .5" in girth if stopped for a month or two. Just a little fyi..and to the guys in the same works. It definitely helped my 6'2 average girth looks odd. To me it does. Although never had any complaints either way.
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    You just reminded me of one...

    Talk about sperm competition. Try going in on a chick already PRE-LUBED with another guy..!!!! :eek::confused::eek::confused::eek::eek::eek::(:(:(

    Yea, happened to me at least once that I was NOT supposed to know about. I recall I kept calling her, "like can I come over yet!????" She kept telling me, "her cousin was over".... When I got there I recall here blowing OUT a candle which was lit.. (she was an older one).. Next thing I knew, every time I stuck it in, it was like just instant blast off.... Needless to say I was not pussy destroyer that night...

    Sadly, I only figured this out a couple years later when me and a buddy were doing this chick on her lunch break. I had jizzed in one of our special ladies one evening and ran out of the room chuckling, and sent him in on it. Well, he got me back that day at lunch. It was only then when I figured out what that AWESOME LUBE SHE WAS USING THAT NIGHT WAS...:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:

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    THx for the post doctor, you just made me feel like a champ...:D

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    Personally, I make up for not being the thickest guy in the world by dating an Asian chick. It's all relative!
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    haha whatever you need to do to get you through the day brother lol:cool:

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    George Carlin always funny as shit.
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    If you worry about the size of your dick, you have a small to average dick. You know when youre good when you bottom out and destroy the uterus, thats when the chick pushes you back to not thrust all the way. Or sometimes they get real into it and let you pound away only to regret it soon after. And some girls prefer having a fist up their pussy, when it gets to that level no size of cock will satisfy. So in reality penis size is all relative on the situation.
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    This reminds me in high school when a girl let my neighbor and all his "friends" run a train on her one after another, 5 guys total. The third guy ate her out and told us like it was no big deal. Now that Im older I know the proper term for this type of sexual act. I sometimes see him in the gym and still ask him if hes taking his protein.
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    Yea, I don't know whats up with that?? And back in high school..!!! Too much ehh..?!?!/?

    Now you reminded me of another. This same chick had me come over to bang her friend while her friend's hubby watched. I was not really sure the scoop / just got the call and I was in the mood. One of my wilder days. But I recall CLEARLY announcing I was gonna blow and where did she want it. It was a "Public Announcement", the girl's husband there and did not want to offend and all/ lol. She told me she could not get pregnant and inside. So I obliged. Seems like I recall looking over a little later when I was back doing my girl and seeing him felching me out of there. Clearly in retrospect it was all a big set up and guessing these chicks were trying to take the guy on some venture which I was unaware. Guess I should have known when they were shoving ice cubes in my arse and having him come over to watch. Needless to say I was pretty hammered. No - he never "assisted".. LOL. Not sure that was not their plan though... Ahhhh... The days....

    Was that a highjack?? Did I say that out loud?? What was the title of this thread again...?!? LOL:confused::confused::confused::confused::eek::eek::D:D:p

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    ive done the same thing minus the ice cubes.....lolo_O

    always entertaining to read your rants @BBC3 lol

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    U Ain't so bad YerSelF...!!!:D;):)

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    Judging by that map. My ancestors must be from Asia.
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    Five pages long of penises talk!!! Mine doesn't like talking but as his spokesman I say the size of the penis doesn't matter to most women ...unless it's smaller than Monica lewinski's penis ...or if it makes your woman upon seeing it run to get some ketchup...
  20. i have always had a small penis i mean talking 1.5 in limp and 3.75 in erect. ive learned to live and accept myself for who i am. having a nice body also get over my small penis issues. when i masturbate i cant even stroke since the twig is so small. Snapping my fingers on my twig does it for me. first world problems