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    Penis thread..... I need to get involved!

    I'm 3.0 inches flaccid and just under 6 inches erect (5" 7/8 on ruler) with a 4.5" girth.

    I looked into jelqing and penis stretching online to try and improve my girth, as I find it a little weak, but never got involved. Intresting findings BBC3 on the pump!

    Penis size is definitely not hereditary, I recall changing with my father in the public swimming changing rooms 15 years ago when I was a kid and being confronted by a massive flaccid penis, and further recall a snake always being present when he wore sweat pants - I put this down to size and perception of being a small kid of 8 years old. But recently was re-confirmed when I shared the gym locker room with him, must be 7 inches flacid... I certainly didn't receive any of his penile genes!
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    You sure he's your biological father?
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  3. ShredMN

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    LXM's father is black, and LXM is purely caucasian... There is no question that he is his biological father...

    All jokes aside, it's still possible penis size isn't completely hereditary, but I'm also not great when it comes to genetic biology.

    I'm probably not porn-star sized, but I've never had a girl comment on me having a small dick, it's usually the opposite if they even comment at all. Life is good...

    BIGMESC Member

    Opposite story here, I am average size and like most guys would like to be a little more than average.
    When my son was young we were worried, ok I was worried about his little mushroom cap.
    Kid hit puberty last year He walks out of the shower the other day and the fucking kid is Hung, now I am worried for the ladies.

    That's my boy
  5. Walker

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    im a grower not a show'er...... @lxm your dad is probably all show and no grow lol...

    @ShredMN , imo no girl will tell you to your face that you have a small dick...they save those comments to tell all their girlfriends lol
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    Haha, this is true... But I'm not concerned that is the case. I can also fuck for hours thanks to the SSRI I'm taking. Curse for me, a godsend to women I sleep with... Except for them feeling bad about themselves for not being able to make me cum in a reasonable time.
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    haha my girl hates when Im on cycle...makes me go like a raging bull...shes usually had enough after about 45 minutes.....but she hangs in there until im

    BIGMESC Member

    I am a very lucky man, my wife can and does have multiple O's
    Her record is three, thought I killed her, stopped breathing and turned all red.
    Pretty sure she is going to die by my penis.
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    Mine is pretty damn big. I do measure from my asshole to the tip though...doesn't everyone?
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    Mine actually passed out for a second. This was years ago im not sure what happened but she came to all numb and tingly she said.
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    ive always pleased women with GIRTH...percentage wise im much larger than average girth (6")...I do wish flaccid and overall length was longer though

    anyone ever have a squirter? I had one in college that was interesting
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    my girl knows somethings up..."here lately its just not been enjoyable, you're so aggressive and you take forever. Are you desensitized? Am I not enough for you? It's just not natural." oh'll be begging for it like that again once i hit pct
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  14. fightingfires

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    I had one of the ambulance gals a few yrs back that was a squirter. Would of appreciated her telling me before I went face down on her for reps though. Could of drowned me!
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    Yeah I had a squirter too when I was a teen. I was like fuck bitch you pissed all over me. Then she said not exactly (That was the moment I realized I have super powers ) Although its never happened again.
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    Stay away from risk irreversible damage mate...
    I have a friend who swore by it and now he only uses his penis to urinate... Just a brotherly advice...
    I myself tried it for a while and it gave me nerve pain on the head of the penis that later few months...
    We men never realize the blessing we have untill we lose it....I have an above average penis...7.5 inchs and it was even bigger (about 0.5inch more) few years ago...Still I thought adding more length was a good idea
    Try to add Inches to your confidence and humanity rather than your penis bro...women only care on paper not in real life....
  17. fightingfires

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    The way I always look at it is...The woman has to like you enough for it to ever get to the point of showing her your penis anyhow.
    I did read that just like a man has the vast majority of the nerve endings in the first inch of too the woman has the vast majority of nerve endings in the first inch of their why do we all seem to keep worrying...just enjoy the hell out of it
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    True that. I'm totally average size in terms of girth, about an inch longer than average, and I've never had a single complaint. Hell, even when I was fat and my sick was only average length I never had any trouble.

    Unless you're small enough that satisfying sex is nearly impossible, all the stretching, jelqing, etc seems like too much of a risk to justify.
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    canadians have bigger dicks than americans
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    Ahhh yeah I remember hearing the ladies." I want that BCC" You mean BBC ? Nope Big Canadian Cock

    Wait no, no I dont remember that because no woman has ever said that !