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    It's hard to believe all of this data when I look at my dick. Never thought it was much.
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    Damn Asians bringing down our average. Not fair not fair. I want a recount
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    Without the Congos our average would No wonder they run around naked
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    Looks like the Indonesians are the king shit of small penis land
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    As an old guy take my word for it. If you have an honest 6"+ you are golden. Fact is that MOST women don't care and very, very rarely talk about it with other women!!

    Those that do have some issues IMHO!!
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    Different generations. Girls born in the late 80's and forward..there is no hope. There are the rare cases, which are hard to come accross. There is no dating anymore. You have sex and see how it goes from there. I met this cool chick about 2 months ago..spent the night talking, seemed real down to earth, nice body..flannel shirt and jeans type of girl. 26 yrs old. Definitely was into her and knew I wanted to see her again. By the end of the night shes on her knees giving me a blowjob. Immediately ruined everything I originally was hoping for. I never called or texted her back after. She thinks im the asshole, when in reality, shes just another pig...who ruined it for herself..

    When elvis shook his hips on stage it was a huge ordeal back then.
    Baywatch..girls in full swimsuits, thought to be over sexual.
    Now you have miley cyrus riding a fake cock, spreading her butt cheeks to show her butthole on stage to a bunch of 14 yr old girls.

    Different generations. Girls are slobs.
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    I like the miley cyrus spreading her cheeks showing her butthole part...nice story;-)
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    Bitchez aint shit but HOz and Triks... Bit on Deez nutz and suked da dik...


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    Disney runs the world these days. Its the WORST THING to happen to society. Trust me a man with 2 little ones. It turns ALL of the not only US girls, but ALSO INFECTING the WORLD, into "Wanna-be ballers".. True CONTAGION.... They all graduate high school and find out they aint pro and watch out when the shit hits the fans. FUKIN U.S. CUNTS. Thats why the middle east HATES US... Its a GOD DAMN DISEASE....

    Funny I used to suspect Walt was a perv. I mean who gives a fuck about other peoples kidz. I'll bust his mamm's fukin noze... Turns out I saw an article (about a year ago) how there is some amazing statistic that some 25% plus of the people working there are convicted sex offenders...!

    I'm keeping mine honest. They know the difference between right and WRONG.. Fuck this rotten world.. Fuck em all. They can go to hell where they belong. I am righteous...!

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  11. I really feel sorry for obese Asians. With being handed the short end of the stick and major "dickie doo" ...God help them..
  12. Funny how most Disney animations now have some hidden sexual message. One way to get people to see movies
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    If done properly and with much research and education and not overdone, Jelquing can be a very safe way to increase you penis size by about an inch or maybe 1.5 inches. I spent a year doing safe exercises and went from 6.5 to a solid 7.25 inches and my erection quality, which was poor at the time, I went back to having rock hard erections.

    Damage occurs when people do stuff like leave extenders on too tightly crushing nerves, or hang heavy weights etc. Light, safe jelquing is actually healthy for the penis and helps increase blood flow and stronger erections. But again, it must be done correctly.

    Most guys will gain from .5 to 1.25 inches if they are dedicated.

    As for size, it's not all about our dicks. It's more about her size. Vaginas vary in size more then penises. If she is a size queen, she has a big vagina, plain and simple. Average size dicks, work well for the average sized woman. I'm not bragging, but I've been with over 140 in my days and I know vaginas, how they work and the size differences is vast with some women. If you're packing 5-7 inches, which over 90% of us fall within that range and are out fucking normal sized women, with average sized vaginas, you will be more then fine. Don't let the media hype and slutty talking size queens make you feel inadequate. That type of thinking kills confidence and women want confidence and when you don't have it, they can smell it a mile away and will not be into you. I got just about 7 inches these days, bone pressed and just under 5.4 inches in girth and trust me, it's been enough for all but two women I've ever been with and even too much for more then a few. Most women, truly don't care about size, because most of us are very close to the same sizes when erect.
  14. I think the blame should be on the parents for not teaching proper morals, Disney and other media shouldn't be blamed, even if they aren't helping .
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    If I could change anything about my penis it would be flaccid hang. 90% of the time I'm in safety mode, tucked away. Fully erect I'm a 6" x 5" so Ok lenght and quite thick but flaccid, tiny at times. If adrenalin kicks in when running or lifting it almost looks like micro penis. People think you're small but don't the damn thing grow.
  16. "Good things cum stronger in small packages"

    Aim for the belly button and then its skips and hits her in the
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    Think so.. Tell me if you can hear what the WHITE DUCK says to the BLACK DUCK...
    About second Time mark 35 seconds... Slipped if right by the World...

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    I agree about girls being absolute sluts these days. As a man, of course I try and get laid on the first date. Yes, they usually give it up very easily. Do I date them after that? Hell no, nobody wants to date an easy slut. I married my wife because she is down to earth, didnt fuck the entire neighborhood and made me wait. I notice the biggest sluts are the undercover sluts, girls that dress plain jane.
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    I like sluts. Would I marry one, no. But they are great!

    Edit.. there's a fine balance between a girl that likes sex and is highly sexed and a slut. I'd marry the former, knowing it would be a headache.
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    FUnny thing - My wife was/IS a TURBO-SLUT. I knew that when I married her, she just played like she was ready to end all that, or at least be my honest soul mate. Turns out she's the best fucking liar on the planet. Some call that a FEMALE. She is still my soul mate, I just dont think I can save her without loosing myself... I KNOW IT NOW.. Even Funnier, and whilst I had banged her once or twice 10 years prior - @Ozzy619 I WAS THE ONLY ONE THAT HAD TO WAIT once we got back to get married 10 years later. Could'nt show me the HO anymore after all.. Got to be a princess for the ONLY MAN THEY HAVE TO HIDE THAT LIFE FROM - FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES... Mine just CAN NOT SAY NO TO ATTENTION... There is a serious self esteem issue driving it... Evil ass divorcee's in the 70's started it...

    *** We were not built for monogamy else the human race would still be chipping on stones for fire... This is a SOCIAL CONTROL PUT IN PLACE BY THE "CHURCH".. This is why parts of the Bible are not allowed to be seen...

    Its built in basic cave survival instincts... THEY CANT HELP IT... They NEED to affirm other males would have them. The difference is the values that we were raised with. Before, and SOME of Generation X could just get hit on and KNOW, the rest fell to hell and just degrade themselves one after the next..

    Whats fucked up about it in the US is their MODE and IDIOLOGY. To be RIGHT the must FEEL WRONG. To be WRONG, they are always RIGHT... Just fucked up pieces of shit. And they are gonna be sukin it off the head of my cock the rest of my days... LOL


    And FYI, Mine keeps bringin her rotten ass back around, and it aint for massive GIRTH. But i can get that sigmoid to drop.. LOL:p:p:p:p

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