Pentagon first ever total audit, trillions $ missing

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    Pentagon To Undergo First Ever Audit After Decades Of Sloppy Accounting And Missing Trillions

    Pentagon Announces First-Ever Audit Of The Department Of Defense

    Pentagon starting first-ever financial audit

    The is THE BIG swamp.
    I wonder what prompted this audit?
    1 Trump retaliation at Obama admin (Cnn didn't even mention the audit)
    2 Budget talks required the audit (about 60% of US gov't budget goes to defense).
    3 Preparing for an unavoidable war, to have the best army money can buy (despite trillions spent, it can get way better)
    4 Trump delivering campaign promises just because (hmmm).
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    I did the math based on the amount of taxes taken in each year minus the budget and figured out the government is stealing or misusing 3 plus trillion a year. TIME TO PULL THE PLUG ON THE SWAMP
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    Its all under Hillary's bed!!!!!
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  4. 1. There's no retaliation for Obama.. The National Defense Authorization Act of 2010 give the DoD 7 years to prepare for the audit-- So it's nothing new and almost everyone within the military and political knows the audit will happen in 2017!
    2. All govt is required to be audit by the GAO- it's been in practice for the longest time!
    3. All wars are avoidable (unless it's knocking on your front door)- that's why we outspend 30 many of our own allies COMBINE! Our military circle the globe not to protect American's--but the protect the economic powerhouse we use to dominated the world. It's I have more and bigger guns then you!
    4. It's no promise of Trump, just as Hillary and Cruz said the same thing.. it was going to happen regardless who's in the Oval office!
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    We spend more than the rest of the world combined on Military. It doesn't seem like we get our money's worth though because of so much waste
  6. They're using that money to pay down the national deficit. :D:rolleyes:
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    About #4 - Cruz, Trump, Rand Paul et al are a couple notches more believable here than Crooked Hillary. IMNSHO
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  8. Sorry, I don't believe in any politician regardless of their party affiliation. They might have great ideas and dream.. But once they hit DC and they get in line with their party "leaders"--it's all about the money! If you vote because they have a "R" or "D".. then you're the problem!!
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    No matter if 'R' or 'D' you're gonna crash

    (Reverse or Drive analogy)
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  10. Nope, but we always need more! How about $700 billions for next year? Oh there's a law that say we can't exceed $550 billion.. fuk that, we'll just vote to remove that silly law!! There's about $60-70 billion dollars allocated in the blackbook that DoD will and can not release (unless you have super-super clearance) due to the nature of the spending.. Don't get me started in the unaccounted spending that's not part of the budget, but can be authorized anytime by the President and certain selected members of Congress both agreed too. That my friend adds to the deficit!
  11. yeap--and no insurance :)
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    I didn't state any absolute faith, just who's more believable.

    Of course they like spending - with the exception of Rand Paul, he's NOT a spender.