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    So I keep my peptides/hgh in the top portion of my fridge(only room) I can put it in. The thing is I know that fridges uses some UED UV lights to prevent veges/fruits from going bad. They say to keep peptides especially away from light; do they mean actual sunlight or any type of bright lights?
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    Are you saying these lights stay on even when you close the fridge? Did your HGH kits come in a box? I would think that would be enough in the fridge if you wanted to play it safe. I don't really worry about it by my fridge lights turn off when I close it.
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    You just really don't know if those lights turn off when you close it huh? Only if we could get in there while it's closed lol.

    You are good OP. No worries.

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    I bet if you opened it REALLY fast (like faster than the speed of light) you could see if they turn on. :)
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    I just realized I'm a fucking retard; LMFAO. I thought the fridge lights were on for a reason when they are closed. For some reason I always thought the UED UV lights were on at all time to keep the meats, veges, and fruits fresh. For some reason a friend of mine's fridge light stays on even when his is closed; I forgot what type it was, thought mine was the same till I just opened and closed it fast enough.
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