Peptides-powder out of fridge since february

Discussion in 'Human Growth Hormone and Peptides' started by nervje, Aug 4, 2018.

  1. nervje

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    I have been homeless the past 6 months and didnt have access to privatd fridge.
    Worked my way back into life and have unreconstituted peptides (cjc and ghrp) at home. Think some melanotan too. Can be arsed to pin 3 times a day without the possibility of it still being good, so whats your take on it?
    Still working or not?
  2. Rosconow

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    From what I've been told and have researched with my own peptide use, they are probably garbage. Some of them can go 4-6 weeks with no fridge, some only 2 weeks. Depends on the pep. Some are more fragile and sensitive than others.
  3. nervje

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    Are you talking about reconstituted peptides? Theres a big difference but i dont know if they survive 6 months in powderform without cooling..
  4. J DUGIN

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    The consensus is that they probably are no good. But who knows. Try em out and tell us how it goes.

    It won't kill ya!
  5. nervje

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    Well guess i will be able to report legit results when my skin is darker without tanning when i run the melanotan