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  1. Enyopants

    Enyopants Junior Member

    Can anyone recommend a good Peptide website.
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  2. Marcus

    Marcus Member

    What specifically are you trying to get?
  3. Kinetic

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    There's a ton of them out there. I've had good luck with Blue Sky liquids in the past (aromasin and clen) and am about to give Maxim's cialis a try, but haven't got it yet. Never run any of their peptides.
  4. Enyopants

    Enyopants Junior Member

    CJC 1295 no DAC & Impamorelin. Use to go with Superior but once they closed I've used Transformix but I'm iffy on their peptides. Liquids are alright but not really feeling them anymore
  5. Enyopants

    Enyopants Junior Member

    Gotcha, I appreciate it!
  6. Marcus

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    I've used xpeptides from Reddit with good success. He is based in Canada but ships to US. I received good quality product. Great customer service too
  7. Enyopants

    Enyopants Junior Member

    Awesome, thank you I'll check them out!
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  8. wedorecover

    wedorecover Member Supporter

    I'm running apex right now also have a buddy running pinnacle peptides and likes them and I just ordered from a new company but haven't received anything yet
  9. Mayne

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  10. Morefyah

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    The tadalafil is g2g :)
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  11. Kinetic

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    Thanks, bro. Just got my shipment notification, so your post is icing on the cake! They're running a buy 2 get 1 sale, and the "still35" promo code can be added on top.
  12. Maj1979

    Maj1979 Member

    Has anyone here used toppeptides?
  13. _Prometheus

    _Prometheus Member

    I've tried clen and t3 from blue sky
    Once I'm done with contest prep, I wanna give their peptides a try
  14. Boybravo

    Boybravo Member

    Is there any reliable aromasin out there?
    I've used a few research sources and I'm pretty sure I've got bunk cialis And viagra lately, so now I'm hesitant
  15. Maj1979

    Maj1979 Member

    It's hit and miss. But I've heard nothing but good things from evolution and I've used aromasin from Toppeptides with success but with a lot of these companies the quality goes up and down. I'm almost to the point of going Pharm grade tabs as a backup for the day the research cem companies burn me
  16. _Prometheus

    _Prometheus Member

    Just got 3 5mg vials of that from blue sky
  17. MFMC

    MFMC Member

    I recommend avoiding maxim at all costs--- from my own personal experience.
  18. wilbur858

    wilbur858 Member

    Toppeptides are my go-to. Especially with the sales they run most every weekend. Having personally used their aromasin, t4, Helios, inj L-carnitine, igf Des/lr3, peg mgf, cjc no dac, ghrp6, hexarelin, clomid, and nolvadex and they all did what they were supposed to.
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    Currently on there s4 and lgd.very happy ill post up pic.soon.theres a number of good companies,but rite now these guys r go to source.
  20. Goingstronger

    Goingstronger Member

    Used UK-peptides for CJC no DAC, Ipam, BPC and TB500
    Got the usual face flush with CJC + Ipam and increased igf-1 levels from 200 to 360 over a 3 months span.
    Can't vouch for the legitimacy of BPC nor TB as I don't have obvious parameters to assess improvement or change.

    It's been a month I switched: I now order my peptides from Alibaba as it's 50% cheaper.
    I went with the highest rated supplier (Lyphar).
    Got the same face flush from CJC + Ipam, will retest for IGF-1 in a bit to assess legitimacy.