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    Start of by saying i am currently on Doctor prescribed TRT compounded cream applied 2x a day Morning/night. The Cream is preferred over shots by some well known top TRT doctors. However there is always room for improvement. Natural testosterone levels Peak at 8am and are lowest at 8pm.
    levels start to rise from lows at midnight and in the morning they are peaked then start to decline. The Compounded cream uses Test No ester peaks 4 hours after applying. I think the Ideal TRT would be use the compounded cream in the morning and use a compound Test Prop cream before bed. that will give a slow rise peaking into the morning then apply the Test no ester compounded Cream (regular prescribed cream) in morning.

    Half life of test Gel(would be similar to the cream with Test no ester)

    Half live of Test Prop Injection (the test prop cream would be delayed a little bit longer than this)
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    latest experience from cream users seem to show scrotal application ( for cream only ) makes the diference. have you tried this?
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    Oh gosh, this is really embarrassing but I read that same article. You’re close, but you’re doing it wrong.

    I know, I was too, but I reread it 5 more times.

    See, you’re partially correct in that you apply the testosterone cream to your scrotum liberally. Really slather it up. But that only results in 50% efficacy.

    The real trick is to then take your slathered scrotum and place it in your rectum like a suppository. This results in the 100% absorption of testosterone from the cream. Results are better than intermuscular injection.
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    Yes I do usually use the scrotal application. its the recommended way of applying the cream by the top TRT doctors like Dr Keith Nichols . Better absorption. But i can get pure test powder from china for like 70 cents a gram and compound my own cream its only 3 ingredients. The beauty of the cream is you can use it anytime and put it anywhere and its effective. Sure you may save 20 or 30 cents a day injecting. IMO i prefer the cream
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  5. lol there actually is a dr on YouTube that was pushing the ball application. Says it works best if you’re freshly shaved, and applied twice a day. It’s gotta be compounded 200mg/dose I believe. If you so much and question him or the method he will get all hostile and lash out lol
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    guy with a bald head and dutch accent? how does he lash out trough youtube comments?
  7. Not sure about the accent cause they replied under the tot revolution handle, but I asked a couple questions and his reply was basically like if the evidence isn’t good enough for you “leave my channel” and I’ve seen them threaten blocking others. I was like dude no need to be hostile.
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    And that speaks volumes about underlying objective in this form of therapy.

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    Reminds me of days long ago when easily availble tren pellets were crushed, mixed with DMSO and saran wrapped around an ankle.
    Idea never appealed to me. Same with test creams. You know what does work? 200mg test cyp, bi weekly, INJECTED
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    is that for everybody that we have the peak of natural test at 8AM or it can be affected by the circadian rhythm of each person?
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    Yea whatever

    But the fact is few on this forum need or qualify for prescribed TRT or they wouldn’t be here ——— trying to understand decades old data as a means of “perfecting” self prescribed TRT
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    Few people need TRT? thats an interesting opinion, i guess. why did my doctor prescribe it then? he is scamming me for $$$$$$$?

    *update* I have been experimenting with the Test Prop cream and Test base cream. The Prop Cream doesnt stay prop when going tran dermal. allot of it degrades to Test base in the skin. There is not much point in using the prop cream anymore IMO. Test base cream is working Great and i now only recommend the base cream
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    Perfecting TRT would be nice in a perfect world with doctors and bloodwork every hour and a gym like in the Gatorade commercials(on a treadmill with an O2 mask strapped to my face and a sat monitor on my finger!) LMAO!!

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    You think maybe that's why pharmaceutical companies that could make millions off using test prop never used it?
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    $90 bucks to doc, and he bills insurance
    No charge labwork ,bill insurance
    53 bucks pharmacy for 2ml per month
    And they bill insurance.
    I pay $200 every 3 months for just 6ml
    Insurance pays. More.
    But hey, i get regular labs.