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    See how fast he volunteered information and rolled on his buddy.
    this is why domestic costs more, it helps keep you out of jail
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    So, what I keep circling back to in my head, despite it being something that seems like a galaxy away, is domestic ugl raw AAS manufacturing. Not brewing, but the actual compounds.

    Even if it starts as a one compound facility and slowly moves forward with more or maybe even never changes and stays a one compound shop, who knows. What you're going to see is raw manufacturing on a clandestine level in the states.

    I know years ago the idea of widespread homebrew was such a fantasy. Now look at it. A small group of well financed college students with a passion for making cash might be the ticket to domestically made raws. Maybe a disgruntled lab rat with keys to a facility and the code for the alarm? Who knows, it's coming though. To me, it seems like the next logical step in the evolution of anabolics in America
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    I know for a fact substances from pharmaceutical companies in the state have had problems with thefts. Employees have taken opiate raws like oxycodone and xanax and resold them. It was brought to light from a series of ods. It seems like when you realy have the pure shit you cant just dose to the weight of a finished pill, there is so much weight in fillers and binders. You measure ot what you think is the correct amount and you just dont wake up.
    I realy hope someone can get some pure testosterone and put it up for sale, good ole made in the USA. right now we are stuck with suspect chinese imports, dont forget they are COMMUNISTS. I doubt they have our safety in mind, its all about the money and i would pay top dollar for high octane premiumn.
    Hell Trenbolone implants were probably the most purest form you could aquire. Getting,g rid of that glue was a bitch, but i have not seen any Trenbolone raw from china equal what you could get from those pellets. Supply and demand, blows my mind to see the amount of imported gear incorporated into cycles just to match what you used to use for ungodly gains. Now its nothing to do 2 grams test a week.
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    Yep that would be dope. I imagine acquiring precursors and reagants on a mass scale would be troublesome
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    I know :oops:

    It will happen. Someone has to figure It out at some point. Right? Please? Pretty please?!?
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    I got my fingers crossed for sure. I could see it being a private business, possibly. But to be a public facing powder manufacturer on all the boards, operating within the united states, and selling 10g packs is just asking for the fed to fuck you up hard.

    Better way, low key, few clientele, large moq. Possibly dead drops, instead of mail.
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    I'd run it like it's a Chinese hook up with domestic product for sale I think, absolutely on the down low. No one knows, as few people as needed obviously. You're so correct, domestic raw manufacturing will make the feds put the wolf on you! images (1).jpeg
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    ...intercepted a mail parcel declared as “beauty products” on December 23, 2017. A “more intrusive examination” was then performed and resulted in the discovery of bottles marked as Proviron, Dianabol, and 16 vials marked as tren-Mix 200. All items are known to be Anabolic Steroids.
    Steroids shipment results in Wyoming charges

    Tren-Mix 200?
    Who sells that?

    It looks like it came in the same package that FENTANLY did!
    Whatever the source is, it needs to get exposed and flamed ASAP
    they're into rec-drug business too= DANGER!




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    Doesn't AKA crazybulk
    sells a Tren-Mix 200 that comes from China?
    They may be involved in Fent sales too, be careful every package from them may be flagged.
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    This seems like far more than a personal amount.

    16 vials of tren mix and orals? All from China with fentanyl in the pack? You’re literally begging to get caught
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    Actually ordering ANYTHING, even pct ancillaries
    from any source selling Fent is begging to get banged up.

    Rumors say NSA/FBI/DEA has cracked almost all Fent selling sources' Emails.
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    Looks like dark web bullshit
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    Some sources are openly (shamelessly) showing opioids in their www price lists.
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    Crazy shit