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  1. ludi_janez

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    This thread is no science, but only personal experiences. When do you think your sex drive is highest? Being natural, being on TRT(/w or w/out hcg) or being on steroids(what steroids and what dosages, also how it depends on length of time being on cycle).

    Personally, i belive that for a healty sex drive we need to have LH and FSH in our system, that could be replaced by HCG while being on trt. But, as we all know, HCG can raise E2, so that can have a negative impact on libido. AI can then be added, but that's when things get complicated, since many people just don't feel good on AIs.

    So, no offence, but i think that this feeling of full balls is important for sex drive.

    What are you guys' experience?

    Right now i am planing to go off trt for some time, so i am interested if my sex drive will plummet, but i have a feeling that it wont. Because even though i didnt use HCG for 2 years now on TRT, my balls are still big and my sperm ejculation is normal.
    I just turned 26, but please dont blame me for that. As i said, my plan is to get off TRT. I think i dont need it at my age.

    All in all, my goal is to be a horny mofo(hehe), so i might decide to stay on trt anyways, its depend on the good sex.

    Or should i go take lessons of sex, because i just don't ''feel'' it, i dont enjoy it that much.
    A hotter woman? But still... i wanna bang ugly also
    I am in a dilemma here.
    edit ps but please serious answers
  2. bigrobbie

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    To be perfectly honest my sex drive was at its peak from like age 17-25 and I was 100% natty.

    Even when on extremely high AAS dosages my natural late teen early 20's was when my libido was in overdrive. Just my experience...
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  3. TideGear

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    When I use mt2 eod in hornier than any man should be. It's kind of a nightmare
  4. johntt44

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    Mines always been good and I'm old now(50). My libido goes up n down no matter what I'm on but it's always there if the mood strikes me. I've been on trt for 5yrs and never touched hcg so that theory doesnt hold water for me. Sperm doesnt matter either when you cum its 90% semen anyway.
  5. Perrin Aybara

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    I've been blasting and cruising for almost four years now with no hcg and haven't had any reduction in sex drive. I'm in my mid 30's.
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  6. ludi_janez

    ludi_janez Member

    I appreciate you guys' answers.
    I must say that ive always had a healthy libido, but when i got on testosterone at the age of 22 for the first time i got the feeling that i want to fuck like an animal... But that feeling slowly went away... Maybe body adjustes to the hormones.
    Mastrubation and porn most likely also plays a role.
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  7. AlwaysHungry

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    When I up or lower the test dosage sex drive goes crazy. I have noticed I have better sex drive with a little more e2 rather than lower or normal
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  8. johntt44

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    I did fuck up one time. I took tamoxifen(2wks) and it fucking killed my libido. I didnt even need it either just misunderstood something.
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  9. AlwaysHungry

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    That's why I stopped taking tamoxifen I rather drop dbol or test or whatever causes gyno rather than take nolva. This shit tanked my libido every single time
  10. LvnDead

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    tren, tren makes me turn into an animal to say the least. Makes me want to get nastier than usual as well. The wife has a love/hate relationship with tren. As do I lol
  11. Natural was way better for me. (blast and cruise currently)

    I am definitely going to try to restore natural test at some point or another, whenever I decide it's time to stop pushing hard. I still want to push for a few more years though, still keeping gear very conservative as I always have and taking long cruises.

    But I definitely miss the feeling of being natural. For sure that was the best so far.
  12. johntt44

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    Yeah, it fucking tanked my libido. I felt like a fucking eunich! That shit is strong as fuck! Plus it was ugl liquid, probably overdosed like a motherfucker!
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  13. testiFy

    testiFy Member

    Mine goes up and down but when I first start running nandrolone in a blast, it really goes nuts.
  14. jJjburton

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    When my e2 is out of wack thats when my libido takes a hit. Both ways too high or too low.
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  15. ludi_janez

    ludi_janez Member

    So i think im going off steroids cold turkey. I will lose weight and have lower sex drive but thats about it i think. From previous experience.
    Its true that ive been on for 15 months now, which is my longest ever, but we will see how i react.
    The only dilemma i have now is to taper the dosage or not. I might decide not to.
    Good luck to you guys, and to me to.
  16. bigrobbie

    bigrobbie Member Supporter

    How about AI's? Do they tank your sex drive like SERMs?
  17. AlwaysHungry

    AlwaysHungry Member

    I really dont need ais if I'm not running high test + dbol.
    I have really used ai no more than a couple times and it didn't seem to crash my libido nor made it higher.
  18. Iron Frenchie

    Iron Frenchie Member

    According to Dr. Rand on YouTube who sees 1000’s of steroid users he says the number 1 reason long term steroid users come to him is a lack of libido. Even cruising on high amounts.
    2 reasons for this IMO.

    1. They’re use to high levels of libido and a sudden dip they get scared and see the doc.

    2. They over stimulated it for so long it becomes desensitized.

    Maybe both
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  19. Natty or assisted natty which is what I call using hcg and/or serms. The libido that comes with aas can be high but meh it lacks the sensitivity ime.
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  20. LeoTC

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    Always been high.

    tren makes me want to fuck anything that moves every time the wind blows. It's also way easier getting off as it's much more physical than mental.