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    Hey everyone!

    So I started lifting 3 years ago, only stuff I've ever taken is whey protein, but I am starting to see my natural limits here.

    I am currently trying to dry off, so I am looking forward on buying a bottle of PES Erase (regular not PRO), and taking 2 pills a day as a standalone, but I have two questions about it :

    1) It supresses the aromatase enzyme, but as the body is going to feel a lack of this enzyme after a certain amount of time, isn't it going to produce more of that enzyme to counter act the effect of erase, so that you'll end up with the same amount or more aromatase enzyme after?

    2) I know that oestrogens are really important in maintaining healthy joints and bones among other things. If I take 2 pills a day for a month, is it gonna lower my oestrogens levels to a dangerous point where I could be weakening by bones?

    Please note here that I will be taking this product as a standalone, not as a pct. I understand people on roids HAVE to take that kind of AI to limit sides, so they don't care to much about Erase side effects as they will always be less bad than roids.
    But I am not in this situation, and I wouldn't want to be worse off after Erase than before...

    Thanks for your Answers!


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