pfizer cartridge only ... how can i use it?

Discussion in 'Human Growth Hormone and Peptides' started by zuerich, Aug 21, 2019.

  1. zuerich

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    hey guys, thanks for any help you can give me, any at all! sorry that i don't contribute to the forum really at all but tbh i don't know s**t about s**t so i'm probably doing y'all a favour:D

    so i've come into possession of a pfizer genotropin cartridge of the stuff, but not the pen that goes with it. it's the cartridge of liquid and powder, not yet mixed up, but not the wholeplastic shell and pen that it slots inside. how can i use it without a pen? is it possible? also, can i get these pens without the cartridge inside it somehow in the real world or is it black-market only?
  2. lilhawk

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    Draw it out with an insulin needle. You don't need the pen to use it.
  3. Mighty-mouse

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    What this fella said
  4. zuerich

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    Ok great that's very helpful and I'm eager to try it. Excuse my newbie questions but can you link me to somewhere that might step by step something very similar. I wouldn't know exactly what to put in the search tbh. Also, the powder and the liquid aren't mixed which is something the pen actually does, so how would I do that, mix it up?
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    Just Google search 'mixing or reconstituting HGH'
  6. zuerich

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    thanks very much that's a great link. i'll read it now and see what i need to source. cheers.
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    No problem bro, good luck.
  8. zuerich

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    just want to say thanks again guys. that link is great. the hardest thing was sourcing bacterio static water but the pharmacy believed my excuse which i thought tbh was gonna be a bit too convoluted. but they did! the rest was, following the step by steps in the link, easy peasy. in fact completely unexpectedly i much prefer using the proper needle, drawing it out yourself, flicking for bubbles, and popping it in. wham! tbh i thought i wouldnt like it so much and thats why i've bought a couple of pfizer pens but now i realise that not only am i not such a pussy after all, but in fact i fucking love that shit. i reckon i could do it one handed now:D:cool:. anyway... therefore next time i'll buy a cheaper vial of alternative!