PG 300 vs PG 600

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    Looking at an oral Winstrol recipe that requires 190 proof alcohol and PEG 300. Can I substitute PEG 600 for PEG 300?
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  2. The 600 will possibly be solid at room temp.
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    I used the 600, and it appears fine. Time will tell if it works. I read the difference between the 300 and 600 is the molecular structure. Hopefully, a 300 daltons difference will not hinder the effect.
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  4. What kind of mix/ratio did you use?
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    Yeah, would you mind sharing the recipe, please?

    Also, PEG-400 is the easiest PEG to find, and usually the cheaper. I don't think the result will vary much with it.
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    Winstrol recipe:
    Highest concentraion made is = 25mg/ml
    Per 1 gram of powder you will need:
    7.8 ml's of PEG 300
    31.2 ml's of 190 proof Grain Alcohol