Pharma HCG testing negative on pregnancy test

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    Two separate 5000iu Pregnyl vials straight from a EU pharmacy and freshly reconstituted with bac. water tested negative on a pregnancy test respectively - what are possible reasons or flaws in testing method that could produce that result? They were previously stored in the fridge and previous samples of the same product tested positive.

    Please don't bring up fake/bunk product as this was picked up straight at the pharmacy, from a pharmacist.
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    Take 0.1 ml and dilute in ~5 ml water, retest that.
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    Faulty pregnancy test could be your answer. Have you tried another brand of test?

    250 iu's should be enough to turn it positive.

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    Will try both, used the opportunity to look into sensitivity ranges of different tests & corresponding hcg concentrations meanwhile, not a bad read I hope: The hook effect in pregnancy
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    Thats what hcg i take and it works.
  6. If it’s very concentrated it could show negative when it’s not. Like once I tested a few drops of ovitrelle straight from the prefilled syringe and it tested negative. But the same hcg tested positive when I diluted it.
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    Janoshik's suggestion produced a positive result by the way, so it was a matter of lowering the concentration, problem solved :)
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