Pharma HGH (Helping thread) Feeling unsure about your HGH?

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    This thread is for those who got what is suppose to be pharma HGH but feel unsafe about it. Since it's highly expensive and unless you got a reckonized illness, it's pretty hard to get your hand on the real deal. I though that some of us who got a prescription or got experience with differents HGH Pharma brands could maybe help in some way to answer the questions of the people who don't and feel unsure or unsafe about the pharma HGH they got (supposedly). Keeping in mind that even if the product you got is exactly the same as the one from the pharmacy, unless you do a lab test or blood test, there is no way to know for sure if it's the real deal or if the potency is is the same that the one from the pharmacy.
  2. benneu155

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    In my case, I have a prescription for HGH from my doctor. I’m currently taking the Nutropin Brand and I was previously taking the Genotropin Brand, so I’m use to what the official packages and pens of these 2 company looks like. If you bought those brands and feel unsure about what you got, you can send me a message or a picture in private and when I have time, I’ll be glad to compare them to the prescription that I get directly from the pharmacy. It took me a pretty long time to get that prescription and I had a lot of bad experience with false GH on the underground market so if I can help in some way don’t hesitate. P. S Sorry for my English, I’m from Montreal so it’s my second language!
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    I can tell you what legit Serostim looks like. What brand do you have?
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    Hey there, lilhawk! This guy says he is prescribed Nutropin. Lilhawk and I have known each other for a couple of years now and we both are well versed on all things Serostim.
    If guys are buying Pharmaceutical gh(& if its legit) on the Black Market, and they're here in the USA, 9.5 times out of 10 it's going to be Serostim.
    The reason for this disparity has to do with who its prescribed to(demographic).

    With the Chinese(Turks as well, albeit to a lesser degree.) becoming more adept at all things counterfeit, I would imagine that US Pharmaceutical GH is becoming more difficult to distinguish from the fakes. Serono EMD has been proactive over the years in their anti counterfeiting technology and, as of now, consumers are in a good position when it comes to being sure what they are buying where Serostim and their other products are concerned.

    Being that the OP is new to our little piece of the Community here at meso, I hope he will understand that I am just a little bit suspicious of his intentions and curious as to what his intentions may ultimately be.
    I am happy to share why I'm just a wee bit suspicious. The first reason is the product he's chosen. Though the scam is usually seen with generic gh, pharmaceutical gh is expensive and the potential loss is great. Again, there is a greater # of generic gh users, but the potential for loss is great and we've seen thieves use pharmaceutical brand items as bait and to clear the way for generics to be introduced later on. Hghpro was the last.

    I'm also curious if the OP is a member at any other boards? Meso has a large # of noobs and we're happy to have them.

    The same holds true for anyone looking to peddle products as the new member is not as experienced in what to look for when it comes to dishonest salesmen and most noobs are drawn to internet bb'ing & steroid boards because they are looking to buy gear, gh, or both. What better place than meso for both the honest and dishonest looking to make a buck?

    Finally, something the OP said raised a red flag. He said that it took him a long time to get a legit script. Says he was first given a script for geno's and at some point was switched to the brand he is currently running.
    Maybe some Canadian members can speak up. I'm not familiar with how things are done up North. Here in the USA, there are only certain diseases or deficiencies that are going to be treated with GH. And, once its determined that the patient is a candidate to be treated with GH, each condition is treated with a specific brand of Pharmaceutical GH. My question here is...What condition are you prescribed GH for?

    I hope the OP doesn't take my doubts personal if its just discussion that he's after. Most new members are looking to find a source or to better educate themselves for when the time comes to make a purchase.
    Its a very small % of new members who are set with a solid source(doesnt get more solid than a valid script) and who sign up to help a bunch of guys he has never interacted with.
    The new member looking to HELP other new members more often than not are looking to help with an offer to sell the subject he's opening up for discussion.
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    Been getting my Genotropin from the Turkish supplies, never failed in one year.
    igf-1 values are great.
    Packaging and design are flawless.
    Typical pharma HGH smell. Norditropin have the same smell to them.
  7. lilhawk

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    One thing to look out for is that supposedly counterfeiters are copying the smell of the pens as well. The smell is from m-Cresol, which is the preservative in the Genotropin pens, and other GH pens as well. Not implying yours are not genuine at all. Humatrope, Nutropin AQ, Norditropin, Saizen pens all have the same smell. Enjoy those Genos, Good stuff.
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    Almost anyone with enough motivation ($$$$) can get legit scripted HGH. I've heard something like 4-5k a month from clinics. For 50-60k a year some doctors will get pretty creative.
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    I'm aware of cash opening doors that would've otherwise remained closed. However, where pharm gh is concerned its becoming more difficult as the feds continue to enforce laws that are already im place.
    Guys used to believe as long as they were willing to pay $20 per iu that they could get a script from a Wellness clinic.
    Its been illegal to prescribe gh for anti aging or for anything other than the diseases or syndromes each US Pharm grade product has beem assigned by the FDA to combat.

    Shady(in the eyes of LE., "Sympathetic" in mine) Dr's in the past could claim the cash paying patient was deficient in gh and point to results of a blood test that could ne manipulated any # of ways to get to reading they are looking for.
    There are guidelines and specific protocols that Dr's have to show they used.
    Guys are signing up for gh therapy and in many cases are finding the places dont have a single patient on GH. Places are now overcharging for ghrp and don't have any other options to offer their patients.
    I was pretty sure the OP of tbis thread was full of shit and was going to take his humanitarian effofts to the next level by offering more "help" in the form of a product that would be making its debut here in hos next post. I was hoping to go hunting with my bare hands. Was setting him up for the quick kill.
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    Ahh. I forget that about the internet sometimes :(