Pharma HGH worth the price? Putting together first HGH cycle.

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  1. After much research and contemplation, I think I've decided that I am going to skip the generic hgh, and buy pharma for 4x the cost. I've never done GH, but like everything I do, I've done extensive research on it, so that I may be properly educated when I start using it. There are mixed opinions on this and no solid research that I found that supports either claim, but some people have claimed that generic hgh could possibly negatively effect you're endogenous hgh production more so than pharma by being slightly different chemical makeup.

    On the other hand, I've seen some solid testing on some of the generics such as meditropes, that make me consider just going with them and saving the money.

    Anyone have any input on pharma vs generic. Any noticable differences for people who have run both? Should I run 6 months on 6 months off with generic, or 3 months on 6 months off with pharma?
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  2. rpbb

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    i've ran serostims, finally ran the meditropes, can't tell the difference
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  3. JackSmooth

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    As long as ug is dosed correctly you won’t tell the difference. Nothing special about pharm vs ug if the test show it contains what the label claims and is sterile.
  4. VaDImadi

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    Ug stuff is more likely to eventually cause your body to produce antibodies which in turn will attack your own natural growth hormone once you come off
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  5. NorthMich

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    Is there any data / evidence of this?
  6. G.I. Bro

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    Get Anke bio grey tops for a fraction of the price. It's Chinese pharma, gmp. Not UGL.
    The Chinese can make legit gh for their own pharma industry folks.

    A bunch of the genos and humatrope that low level bottom feeder buyers get is extremely overpriced counterfeit anyway. So much garbage floating around out there. I wouldn't pay those prices for gh unless I was able top competitor. It's ridiculous. You can get real gh with decent purity numbers these days for so much cheaper...

    End of Thread
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  7. Evom1

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    I've used meditropes and norditropin, couldn't tell a difference. Although the pens are definitely convenient
  8. taco33150

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    The anke bio is ansomes??
  9. G.I. Bro

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    Correct. Aka Supertropin. TP's greys are no longer sourced from Anke bio production and are someplace else. The blacks (meditrope) and muave tops are Cambodian, non gmp. I wouldn't use TP anymore if you want legit greys.

    He also failed to inform his longtime customers his greys were no longer the same producer.
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  10. taco33150

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    I had bought a couple of kits from hghpro and I ordered ansomes then he decided to screw me and others along the way..I really wanted to Compare the difference.. all these sites to get ansomes , now I’m not sure who to go..
  11. Gaynz39

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    Select has Ansomone, 40’s and 100’s
  12. G.I. Bro

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    I'd go with Supertropin based on bop board. Fact is, he filled all TP's orders for him. TP never had possession of the greys. He's a main supplier for these smaller sellers peddling greys. They just mark it up. Go to the source. He's a legit dude.

    This information about TP and such got me banned at Pro Muscle btw.
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  13. Gaynz39

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    I’ve tried ST, and never got a reply. I was banned twice at BOP for calling cock suckers out. Must know the name is all I know. I might try again.
  14. janoshik

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    tldr: No.

    I've had an extensive talk about this with MyNameIsJeff on ProMuscle in Riptropin thread.

    See above.

    It would be the easiest thing in the world for ST to arrange a random reputable customer of his sending a sample in and providing at least a piece of hard evidence.

    Yet it had not happened yet.
    In fact I have never seen any lab test on his merchandise.


    I have Grey top batch samples spanning back 3 years.
    Quite easy to compare the samples, really.

    All I gotta say, not going to lead a discussion on this.
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  15. Mayne

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    When you call it a fact you have to prove it, anywhere I can read more regarding that claim? I know TP changed the grey top but haven't researched whether it happened around when ST went online and if that may be the reason
  16. NorthMich

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    Thank you
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  17. VaDImadi

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    Dimmer and related substances of higher molecular mass: rhGh aggregates that coexist with normal rhGh. They don't have biological activity and cause antibody of rhGH. The antibody combines to rhGH molecule. The antibody prevents the rhGH from combining to its receptor to stimulate growth, cause the biological activity of rhGH to decrease.

    Generic stuff has higher dimmer and related substances which in turn can cause antibodies as i said
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  18. NorthMich

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    Is this the rule, or the exception?
    @janoshik felt the lab results were similar for both
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  19. bob hughes

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    ST greys = ansomone without labels, Is hardly established fact. I happen to lean towards That actually being likely true, but its certainly a controversial and disputed topic
  20. bob hughes

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    Op when I was weighing the options, I went with what I felt was a happy middle ground, Chinese pharmaceutical grade I.e. ansomone. Less than half the price of US pharmaceutical (ansomone actually significantly less than jins as well), not as likely to be counterfeit (I think), although still very possible. And quality and consistency in my opinion approaching (but not equal to) the level of US pharmaceutical. Us pharma grade in my opinion, the extra cost is not justified by quality. But, if price was no object I would maybe feel differently.
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