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    Hello all. For you who dont know me, I am David, owner of source thread ( shop ) Pharmasource EU Pharmaceuticals what I have nearly 4 years and is one of biggest threads here in underground category.
    I am opening new stock WITH PHARMA GRADE ONLY goods. Reason why I made this new thread is that this new stock is in different EU ( European Union ) country and operated by different shipper.
    Yes, Meso have pharma-grade sources, but I think that this thread will be opportunity to buy real pharmaceuticals with better prices.

    Some FAQ

    - shipping from EU country only
    - price of regular airmail is 15,- USD
    - price of EMS ( expres shipping, if is available to your country ) is 50,- USD
    - courier shipping ( various couriers ) will be updated
    - seized parcels = free reship - customs letter needed
    - shipping time are not known just now, but expected for Europe around 7 days, for USA could be from 10 to 20 days
    - bigger orders will send in parts
    - your personal info is deleted after confirmation of delivery, or older than 4 weeks.

    Payment methods
    - main CRYPTO currencies + bank wire

    MINIMUM ORDER : 50,- USD ( + shipping )

    For contact please use PROTONMAIL account if its possible. Messages from Gmail, Yahoo will be ignored and deleted. Orders from PM = not accepted. Also questions - please send e-mail.

    In the end of next week we are starting shipping, pre-orders are available.

    This pricelist will be continuously updated , but we can find for you many other pharmaceuticals - ATBs , blood presure regulators, vaccines and many others. Please do not hesitate to send me email, and ask about availability.


    Ephedrine 50mg amp 10x50mg box / 20,- USD

    Omnadren testomix 5 x 250mg amp box / 25,- USD
    Nebido 1000mg 4ml amp ( undecanoate ) / 170,- USD

    Ovitrelle hcg 6500IU / 65,- USD
    Choriomon 5000IU / 30,- USD

    Anastrozol 28x1mg / 25,- USD
    Letrozol 30 x 2,5mg / 35,- USD
    Exemestan 30x25mg / 40,- USD
    tamoxifen 30x10mg / 10,- USD

    clenbuterol 50x0,02 / 10,- USD
    Salbutamol 30x4mg / 8,- USD
    ketotifen 30x1mg / 15,- USD

    Finasterid 28x1mg / 12,- USD
    Finasterid 30x5mg / 25,- USD
    Dutasterid 30x0,5mg / 30,- USD

    Dostinex cabergolin 8x0,5mg / 35,- USD
    Pramypexol 30x0,7mg / 25,- USD

    T4 – Levothyroxin 30x100mcg / 10,- USD

    Insuline glulisine APIDRA Solostar 5x300IU / 70,- USD
    Insuline HUMULIN N 5x300 IU / 70,- USD
    Insulin HUMULIN R 5x300iu / 70,- USD
    Metformin 30x850mg / 15,- USD

    UDCA Ursofalk 100x250mg / 60,- USD

    Roaccutane isotretinoin 30x20mg / 40,- USD

    tadalafil Accord 4x20mg / 30,- USD
    Tadalafil Stada 4x20mg / 30,- USD
    sildenafil Stada 4x100mg / 25,- USD
    Sildenafil Stada 8x50mg / 25,- USD
    Vardenafil Stada 4x20mg / 30,- USD
    Dapoxetin Priligy 3x60mg / 45,- USD

    telmisartan 30x80mg / 25,- USD

    Piracetam sachets 20x2400mg / 30,-USD
    Piracetam tablets 60x1200mg / 40,- USD
    Cavinton forte 90x10mg / 30,- USD
    Cavinton inject 10mg amp / 4,- USD

    Milgamma N inject 5x2ml / 20,- USD

    More comming soon. If you need any other drug, do not hesitate to send me e-mail, I will check availability in pharmacy.
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    Can we still see some tits! Asking for a friend.
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    Great idea to divide UG and pharma grade :)
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    How can you only sell
    Omnadren for 25 $ a box? It’s probably 17-20 $ at the cheapest in pharmacy. Of course country varies. Can you post pics of the ampules and stickers so we can see how the expirations are stamped please ?
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    Your info about omna price is false..
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    Oh really? Have you ever purchased over the counter in Eastern Europe ? I have.
  8. Tren91

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    Yea every weekend also i live there...
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    Which country? What do you pay ?
  10. Why not Canada? we got polar bears and shit
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    Of course pics will be posted, also tests provided. Prices in list are prices for real pharma stuff.
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    Can you get t3?
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    Will clomid be added to stock list in the near future?
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    In future yes, dont know if near sir.
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    Well this looks familiar! I'd add the Evista, Proviron, Provigil and Nebivolol (best antihypertensive bp med), and, while they're fairly unknown amongst bodybuilders & rather expensive, Liraglitude & Semaglitude are amazing satiety/weight-loss meds that come without the drawbacks of amphetamine-likes/stims like Ephedrine etc., so those are worth looking into:

    For what it's worth, I can vouch for all of these being legit pharmacy products and the prices/margins being very fair, you're a good guy for not overcharging people, especially being the only EU source for many products between your two shops now.

    Btw, I pinned an amp of ephedrine into each pec for symmetry - it produced no PIP at all or side effects different from the tabs, should anyone wonder/worry.
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    Price of NEBIVOLOL is around 20-25,- USD / 30x5mg

    Evista, HMG, Proviron and HGH will be added later
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    Propranolol 50x40mg / 15,- USD
    Simvastatin 30x20mg / 10,- USD
    Furosemid 10x10mg amp / 15,- USD
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    What will the brand and price for the proviron?
  20. pharmasource

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    Bayer 20x25mg / 20,- USD