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    Good day Meso USA community.
    I am representative of PHARMATESTO ( why Pharmatesto ? Because our speciality is testosterone in pharmaceutical quality ) , source of pharmaceuticals and the best UG companies ( Balkan Pharma, Hilma Biocare, ARL Russia ) . I have a new account here, but Ive been reading threads here for years. I worked last 10 years for one EU shop and is time for try my own presentation with my colleagues.

    about our shipping
    - shipping price is 20,- USD
    - we are using airmail for delivery - standard or traceable consignments
    - traceable consignments require signature
    - we are shipping to P.O.Boxes
    - stocks and shipping places are in European Union ( we are not USA domestic )
    - shipping times are from 4 working days in Europe and from 10 days in USA ( depends on the location )
    - we use quality packaging methods to protect your goods ( the goods are dispatched in original packages if the packaging is not too large - in this case only blisters or ampoules, vials are dispatched )
    - we do not send to Canada and North Europe ( Denmark possible )
    - in the event of the detention of the consignment by customs , upon presentation of the letter from the customs , we will refund 100% of the price back in crypto currency.
    - if the consignment is lost due to shipping and undelivered, 50% of price will be returned ( applies only to shipments with tracking number )
    - based on our experience in the past, delivery success in the US is almost 100%
    we have goods from pharmacies in Bulgaria , Turkey, Iran , Ukraine, Greek, England
    we offer store credit for submitting blood test = 40,- USD
    - no free samples available !
    - send orders only to e-mail please ( we do not accept orders PM )

    - payment is possible only in crypto currencies ZCASH ( ZEC ) and BITCOIN ( BTC ), when ZCASH is our preferred ( ZCASH can not be traced, is anonymous )

    We are starting in Monday 28th. January . Samples of our produts were send to laboratories Lab4Tox ,Chemtox and Janoshik . The results will be presented in nearly February. We have result of Aburaihan testosterone enanthate / Lab4Tox / now and in this week of Sustanon250 Aspen / Lab4Tox / Also have results of UNI Pharma / Janoshik /
    Images will be posted within a week

    The first month will be unlimited. Subsequently, the minimum cost of order will be set.


    Bayer / Shering Plough
    Rimobolan - methenolone enanthate - 100mg/ml amp.
    10amps = 100,- USD
    Farmak Ucraine
    Testosterone Propionate 5% - 50mg/ml amp.
    10amps = 40,- USD
    Aburaihan Iran
    Testosterone Enanthate 250 - 250mg/ml amp.
    10amps = 60,- USD
    PharmSwiss / Jelfa
    Omnadren 250 - 250mg/ml amp.
    10amps = 80,- USD
    Aspen Pharma / Ever Pharma Germany
    sustanon 250 - 250mg/ml amp.
    10amps = 100,- USD

    Oral tablets

    Iran Hormone
    Oxymetholone 50 - 50tabs/50mg tab = 50,- USD

    pct products

    exemestane Pfizer aromasin 30tabs/25mg tab= 60,- USD
    Anastrozol Sandoz SANTRA 28tabs/1mg tab= 45,- USD
    Anastrozol Wockhard 28tabs/1mg tab= 25,- USD
    letrozole Alvogen 28tabs/2,5mg tab= 50,- USD
    Tamoxifene Sopharma 100tabs/ 10mgtab = 40,- USD
    Tamoxifene Astra Zeneca nolvadex 30x20mg tab= 25,- USD
    clomiphene Anfarm 24tabs/50mg tab= 20,- USD
    hcg Choriomon Ibsa 5000IU amp = 40,- USD

    Other products

    clenbuterol Sopharma 50tabs/0,02mg tab = 25,- USD
    Salbutamol GlaxoSmith VENTOLIN 100tabs/4mg tab = 25,- USD
    t3 Abdi Ibrahim TIROMEL 100tabs/ 25mcg tab = 25,- USD
    T3+T4 Abdi Ibrahim BITIRON 100tabs / 50+12,5mcg tab = 25,- USD
    cabergoline Pfizer CABASER 20tabs/ 2mg tab = 50,- USD

    Balkan Pharma
    Testosteone E ( enanthate ) - 250mg/ml amp.

    10amps = 55,- USD

    Testosterone P ( propionate ) - 100mg/ml amp.
    10amps = 45,- USD
    Strombafort - stanozolol 60tabs/10mg tab = 25,- USD
    Danabol - methandienone 60tabs/10mg tab = 25,- USD

    UNI Pharma
    Viro-Test 10amp/100mg amp / 30,- USD
    Testo-Cyp 10amp/200mg amp / 40,- USD
    Uni-Ject testo blend 10amp / 250mg amp / 40,- USD
    Boldenone 10amp / 250mg amp / 45,- USD
    Nandrobol 10amp / 250mg / 45,- USD
    Primobolan 10amp / 100mg / 60,- USD

    Comming soon

    ARL Russia products
    Hilma Biocare products


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    First! lol

    The price on pharmaceutical primo is really low, boxes are provided with order?

    Why don’t you disclose some more information about the EU shop you worked for?
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    @ARL4Life what's up with this

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    So ARL themselves are already here.... And Hilma resellers are here already.... So...
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    That seems quite convenient for you, doesn’t it?
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    Arl is pharma? Hmm

    How about some tits or butthole pic
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    I don’t see pictures of stock or products with a piece of paper with MESO-Rx and the date of today written on it. Why?
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    Reseller.And small world
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    So would they be able to call them a "certified reseller" of sorts on your behalf.

    Or would they be completely unaffiliated?

    I ask because if problems were to arise with ARL products from this reseller I could see it being an issue.


    Price of Rimobolan in pharmacy is 23,50 TL what is around 5 USD. Why is price 10 USD low ?

    Because I want to prevent potential issues from them ( fake accounts, fake reviews )


    ARL is not pharma.
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    Pics of stock and pics of tits
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    Please check introduction . I wrote
    Images will be posted within a week
    Actually some pictures will be posted tomorrow. You will see that our goods is real.
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    Should have just waited to make intro when you had pics fucking rookie
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    Checking in with it.

    O.P Apologize if out of place posting.
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    Technically sources are supposed to be in their own thread. But figured it needed to be addressed. You could always update in your thread the conclusion. Idk.
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    @PHARMATESTO you are a reseller of the sources products that are already here. (Mostly)
    So what do you provide that we can’t already get from the main sources that you’re reselling for?
    Why choose your services over theirs?


    Good question. I think that our strong side is a combination of pharmaceuticals ( pharma grade ) at a good prices with quality UG.
    Competition brings more choice and better prices, which is good for customers.



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    Pics of unipharma?