Pharmacist Recommended pure iodine

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by sweetedge, Feb 5, 2007.

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    I was getting my prescription for my Test cream and talked to the pharmacist today. I wanted his input on why my test levels don't increase on the highest compounded dose of Test. (300mg/cc) I rub 1 cc a day and can't get my levels above Total Test 350 (original 199) I also have a Thyroid problem. He mentioned a Dr. Brownstein out of Michigan and his use of pure Iodine (not bromide)
    I was wondering if any of you have tried , what dose, and where you get your supplements of Iodine. The pharmacist said it is hard to find a pure iodine. Wondering any of your thoughts.
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    Try posting this here at this link tell them Phil sent you.
    Here is a link to Dr. Brownstein.
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    The Iodoral that Brownstein recommends is 12.5 mg of elemental Iodine and Potassium Iodide.
    Theoretically if you are iodine deficient then the iodine will upregulate thyroid action and in turn positively affect testosterone. Iodine is found in high concentrations in breast and prostate tissue and may be critical for the health of those organs. I have seen fibrocystic breast improve greatly with iodine. Since the RDI for iodine is 100mcg or about 1/100 of the suggested dosage, it would be prudent to get an iodine absorbtion test as some people can react adversely to excess iodine. It has also been used to treat hyperthyroidism. I have heard many good stories about improvement using this high dose but there have also been some adverse stories so it should be used with caution. I have seen both in my practice. I believe there are a few people on the forum who use it and their input would be informative.
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    I have hypothyroidism and I take a supplement that has got 250mcg of Iodine in it. It bought my thryoid numbers back to where they should be, but I dont feel any benefit at all.
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    Where can I find an elemental iodine potassium iodide supplement? Any sites ? Please post!
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    The Iodoral is available from VRP vitamin research products among others, usually professional lines only.
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    I am having a hard time learning how to post etc. Cause haven't done it in a while. But I wanted to also give thanks to pharmacist for sending levothyroxine it was a bit help.. so I didn't mean to interrupt like I saifbstill trying to figure out how to messages etc.for me it was easier bwuth tapatalk.butbi don't know it seems different. Thanks

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