Pharmacom and Dragon Pharma

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by FakeNattyAlert, Mar 24, 2019.

  1. FakeNattyAlert

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    Hey guys, im jumping out of the game for a little while and would like to get rid of my stash. You won't find a deal better than what im offering. If you're interested pm me and we'll work out the details. What I have on hand is:

    2x Pharmacom primo e 200mg
    3x Dragon Pharma primo e 200mg
    11x dragon pharma var 100x10mg
    1x dragon pharma tbol 100x20mg
    3x dragon pharma test c
    1x dragon pharma test e
    2x para pharma test c

    *btw I checked before I purchased any of these products. I also have 300 Balkan var, 100 oxanabol (var), 25 para pharma cialis, 50 pharmacom proviron, 50 pharmacom clomid, and 100 primo a tabs that i will throw in for free.
  2. Dipshitdave

    Dipshitdave Member

    Where do I send the money!
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  3. TNotch347

    TNotch347 Member

    Trying to get this done all at once or would you piece it out?
  4. FakeNattyAlert

    FakeNattyAlert Junior Member

    PM me brother
  5. FakeNattyAlert

    FakeNattyAlert Junior Member

    I'd prefer to get it done all at once but I'm willing to negotiate.
  6. 24than

    24than Junior Member

    i am interested mate....what is the price ? send me PM mate...I am in EU
  7. 9 posts?

    I hope you guys know this guy well.
  8. FakeNattyAlert

    FakeNattyAlert Junior Member

    If you'd like to get to know me, I'd gladly facetime or link you to my social media accounts as well as my phone number, drivers license, etc...
  9. balco

    balco Member

    If you used PayPal to send money you can dispute it if you don't get it ;)
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  10. Ok fair enough...

    Just looking out for members here.
    I didn't know individuals sold on here. It's kind of frowned upon on other boards.

    Sorry if I offended you.
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  11. PayPal will reimburse for steroids!!

    Sweet!! Lmao...
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  12. balco

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    They wouldn't know what your paying for but there is the issue of anonymity.
  13. takeit.gif
  14. gearwolf

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    is reselling as a non-vendor allowed here marketplace style? cause if so I got a ton of adrol & peptides from good sources for below purchase price to get rid off
  15. T-Bagger

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  16. T-Bagger

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    My understanding is that as long as you aren’t being shady, acting as a source but maintaining member status and you aren’t soliciting people through PM, you’re allowed to post stuff to sell. I could be wrong so if someone else wants, they can tag MB for his final say.
  17. puckhog

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    Really? I can’t tell but I hope you are joking.
  18. gearwolf

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    That's really unexpected and worth jumping through all the hoops and checks for actually, thanks!
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  19. Same understanding. You can post that you have something that you want to get rid of, then hammer out details in private, but you can't go around PMing members asking them if they want to buy your stuff.
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  20. maxwin

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    I took one for the team and got a small order to test the water. Will update you guys in a few days since we're both US so shipping will be super fast!
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