Pharmacom/Basic sold bunk/underdosed products for all orders MAY and JUNE

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    I tried reasoning with them to no avail. They have too many shills here and too many connections for anything to be done about it.I am upset that this many people have been allowed to be scammed with ZERO repercussions for the source. I understand in the past pharma/basic have produced adequately dosed product but after reading through pages on pages of basics thread,it seems most people are getting ignored or called liars. I have taken an inordinate amount of abuse for trying to stop these guys from taking advantage of other members on here to no avail. We even had a member here post on a different forum that he knew pharma was doing shady business.

    Here are some links of the situation either getting blamed onto the consumer or the victim themselves getting hammered. I don't care if I get insulted but the truth needs to come out. These guys are as dishonest as they get and if you take the time to read how their pharma representatives treat customers,it is extremely unprofessional to say the least.

    If you were sold bunk/underdosed please have the courage to come forward. Basic/Pharma need to be held to the same standard as everyone else even if that means refunding the affected members.


    What I do demand is that EVERY customer that got underdosed gear gets either a replacement or a refund. It is ridiculous that we are letting this one slide.

    Is sponsorship money/free gear really worth compromising the integrity of a community that is over 15 years old?

    Please read through the thread before coming to any conclusion yourself. If you skip reading you are cheating yourself of forming a solid opinion.

    These are some threads filled with users that were sold garbage/bunk test:

    More Pharmacom: Test E
    Pharmacomstore 6 week labs
    Pharmacom Labs officials and our store
    Pharmacom Labs officials and our store
    Pharmacom Labs officials and our store
    Pharmacom Labs officials and our store
    Pharmacom Labs officials and our store
    Pharmacom Labs officials and our store

    Potential:Pharmacom Labs officials and our store
    @DannyP @JayWaWa @Fungi @ZDogg

    On this thread @Pharmacom Helper offered to send one of these 3 people a vial of test E so that we could send out for testing: Pharmacom Labs officials and our store

    I will quote exactly what he said in that thread:

    "Hm, I have an idea how we can try to find the truth

    Please provide me pictures of your underdosed vials (batch NR, if it will be the same for all, we can try to find same date/batch and then send 1 vial to one of you and you will send vial to the Simec (we cover all costs). We can send directly but for most of users it will be not acceptable
    That's the way to confirm the problem with testE"

    See the problem with this @Pharmacom Helper is that you want to use a vial of your choice. Just because your vial is good doesn't mean that our vials were good.Frank essentially tried to trick us in order to weasel his way out of the beef.Intelligent people realize this doesn't prove anything. In fact it is fairly obvious that something is going on when so many members are complaining at about the same time. Problem is that everyone is afraid to say something because they don't want to be harassed as I was.

    Here is where it gets even more icky. @IronJulius had the wonderful idea of posting PRIVATE MESSAGES between us. I noticed he forgot to leave one important part out.

    Here is the thread:

    Pharmacom Labs officials and our store

    In this thread you can click my pictures and you will see that Julius subconsciously admits to there being bunk gear.

    He says word for word "So how many got bunk gear"

    He isn't DENYING there is bunk gear.

    He isn't SURPRISED there is bunk gear.

    He knows something is up but has no idea how to handle the situation since he really has no idea what went down. People got bunk/underdosed gear and the one that is taking the beating is the consumer.

    If they are so honest and upstanding why are they ignoring all the members that got sent bad gear? This is not acceptable from anyone on here.

    Anyways I am willing to answer any questions regarding the situation with these guys. They simply do not want to own up to the fact that they may have produced a bad batch,or that they have been selectively scamming members for god knows how long.

    It isn't right that these guys get away with stealing thousands of dollars off the meso members back.
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    Shut up you fucken loser, no one cares. Go read a book.
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    Holy shit lol. Dude it seems there isnt an honest lab out there. Once their rep gets built they just cut corners for more profit it just seems to be how it works. It shouldnt but it does. Total cluster fuck.
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    Pcom results?

    You are a shill @CdnGuy even called you out.
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    Lmfao I have never used another lab other than pcom idgaf what you think I am. You're a grown ass man calling someone a shill on the internet. Grow some nuts little man child
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    Just speculation but you could just have a really small cock.
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    Such an original insult, how long have you been waiting to use that one bud?
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    Since i moved into my
    Moms basement at 34 what of it.
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    Trying to make your stupidity a joke now I see
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    The only joke was you posting on this thread
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    Good one champ. Goodnight :)
  12. thats nuts i got 8800 bloods of their previous batches of test E
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    This dude was evicted and has spent many hours this past week bashing pcom I wonder who is paying him? He still hasn't even provided proof that he actually ordered products.

    I warned him I would post the pm if he continued lie which he did.

    How does me asking a question "how many got bunk gear" translate to I admitted Pharmacom is selling bunk gear? At that time I was still trying to help you or anyone else who may have been having problems.

    I'm going to sleep I'm sure I'll have a dozen alerts because of you when I wake up but I'm grateful I can sleep without a guilty conscious
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    I'm going to make one post here and that's it.. So don't try to quote me and try to get me to go back and forth....

    Pharmacom doesn't scam anyone.. Yes we have unhappy customers OBVIOUSLY!!! If you truly think you have recieved bunk gear please go about it the right way and things will get handled.

    If your worried about ordering, I highly suggest you go to all those threads he posted and see all the positive reviews in between a few unhappy ones, also notice how all those never have a follow up, why? Because people don't follow up when these get taken care of. You will see for yourself...

    As far as @stayinalive good luck in life bro you truly need it.. I feel very sorry for such a human being...
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    I got the order numbers that's not a problem. Frank should have manned up and talked to me directly.

    @BigRed1 Also got bunk gear,I can link the thread where he states it.

    IronJulius,you need to get ahold of your boss and have him come here personally to clarify these issues. Don't ruin your brand name trying to cut corners by screwing over a few members. The shills/reps aren't going to be able to get you over this hump. You need to bring your boss in here to explain the situation. Too many people know about what you are doing to sweep it under the rug.

    This was no accident:Another user gets ripped off from basic/pharma 2014

    pharmacom, lab

    @IronJulius I understand it is your job to promote pharma products. However some suspicious things have been going down and we need some solid answers.
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    You are an embarrassment to MesoRx...take your cheap ass to another forum and get a fresh start.

    This isn't in defense of Pharmacom, but rather a suggestion to stayinabitch to take his $100 loss and move on. Stayinabitch, your efforts are futile, Pharmacom could give two shits about you. They sell worldwide, and have a very strong customer base that keeps coming back for won't put a dent in shit.
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    Every single person you put up will not answer you. they are all one time posters. One and done. 100 percent not one answers this thread.
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    ANABOLICLAB proves nothing. They can send a good vial to them and bad vials to everyone else. You clearly did not read the thread and are already known as a shill around here as is everyone else that is defending pharma. Only shills get their hands dirty for something they have no idea about.
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