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    Hello, recently had a client start on a boldenone only cycle, boldenone was picked up on a Pharmacom verified source.

    Cycle is as follows:

    Dropbox - Química fase 1b - Microciclo 1 al 12.odt

    Blood was taken pre, mid of week 3 and mid of week 5

    Results are as follows:

    Dropbox - Analíticas - Simplify your life

    Client gave his consent (signed in a contract) to have is personal information posted In public and being used for research purposes (public a case study).

    With aas usage, the ASIH looks like this:

    (Reversible azoospermia induced by the anabolic steroid 19-nortestosterone. - PubMed - NCBI)

    Product code was checked and was legitimate.

    Just posting this to warn users, nothing else.

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    Vicente. Sexo: FEMENINO. Vaya con los del lab..

    Regarding the microcycle table, it only shows the Levotiroxine part: it's not completely uploaded.

    And, about the substance itself.. it's a mess: both LH and testosterone rising? Was the client "recovering" from another cycle and, injecting JUST OIL we are seeing how his endogenous testosterone rises? (btw, good genetics, reaching that 10,61ng/ml)
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    Can you explain what this means? Not exactly the most user friendly to read.
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    A lot of things about this trouble me.

    Client for what?
  5. flagcia

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    This user is a known trainer & bodybuilding advisor in Spain. client=advised.
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    As I understood: vial was only oil and labs show how he, during these weeks not using any anab steroid, recovers his natural levels.
  7. Camejtin

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    Practically no HPTA shutdown (ASIH = Anabolic Steroids Induced hypogonadism) with the usage of an anabolic steroids, or in other words, the product used (high dose boldenone, Pharmacom, code verified, bought on a famous source) was not an anabolic steroid.

    Either that or its a secret formula, like the substance X
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    Did you e-mail the source?