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  1. Camejtin

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    Hello, recently had a client start on a boldenone only cycle, boldenone was picked up on a Pharmacom verified source.

    Cycle is as follows:

    Dropbox - Química fase 1b - Microciclo 1 al 12.odt

    Blood was taken pre, mid of week 3 and mid of week 5

    Results are as follows:

    Dropbox - Analíticas - Simplify your life

    Client gave his consent (signed in a contract) to have is personal information posted In public and being used for research purposes (public a case study).

    With aas usage, the ASIH looks like this:

    (Reversible azoospermia induced by the anabolic steroid 19-nortestosterone. - PubMed - NCBI)

    Product code was checked and was legitimate.

    Just posting this to warn users, nothing else.

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  2. flagcia

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    Vicente. Sexo: FEMENINO. Vaya con los del lab..

    Regarding the microcycle table, it only shows the Levotiroxine part: it's not completely uploaded.

    And, about the substance itself.. it's a mess: both LH and testosterone rising? Was the client "recovering" from another cycle and, injecting JUST OIL we are seeing how his endogenous testosterone rises? (btw, good genetics, reaching that 10,61ng/ml)
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  3. jackmeoff1

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    Can you explain what this means? Not exactly the most user friendly to read.
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    A lot of things about this trouble me.

    Client for what?
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  5. flagcia

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    This user is a known trainer & bodybuilding advisor in Spain. client=advised.
  6. flagcia

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    As I understood: vial was only oil and labs show how he, during these weeks not using any anab steroid, recovers his natural levels.
  7. Camejtin

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    Practically no HPTA shutdown (ASIH = Anabolic Steroids Induced hypogonadism) with the usage of an anabolic steroids, or in other words, the product used (high dose boldenone, Pharmacom, code verified, bought on a famous source) was not an anabolic steroid.

    Either that or its a secret formula, like the substance X
  8. bull48

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    Did you e-mail the source?
  9. Bigpat1991

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    what source did it come from?
  10. jackmeoff1

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    I didn't think Bold by itself would shut you down in the first place. It is an incredably weak steroid.
  11. Worf

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    Any steroid will shut down the hpta given enough time
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  12. IronJulius

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    Is 5 weeks enough time for EQ
  13. Worf

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    Maybe, blood tests will answer that question
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  14. Worf

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    So the user went from mid 300 tt to mid 600s in 4 months then to over 1000 in about 5 weeks? Large increase in LH. Would appear the patient is Taking SERM of some sort. E2 would help identify this. I highly doubt anybody is increasing LH and TT by 50% on EQ only
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    The entire blood work makes no sense. Shit, this entire thread makes no sense. 0/10
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  16. Hello Folk's! I express, in advance, my apologies for unnecessary rudeness!

    As I see some one trying to do somekind of blaming us, that we deliver the low-quality product.

    You know, when I hear story-tale's like this one, I always answer to story-writer - to make our product work you need to do injections (if this is about oil production) or if this is about orals (tabs) you need to take the pill in your mouth and swallow it!
    I understand that we make top product with thousand's positive feedback from our customers. But if you put our gear (vials/tabs) near you, sorry, it will be not enough.

    Excuse me for somekind of pun, put sometimes it impossible to read such insane nonsense.

    To the end I will attach some tests of our gear where you can see boldenone as a part of stack.
    1) anaboliclabtest
    2) anaboliclabtest
    3) anaboliclabtest
    If you need, you can find some more EQ test's on their website.
    Also some of our mix's which also contain boldenone and boldenone as apart
  17. Also, I think not just I have a question to his LH and test level, really lucky one!
  18. Pharmacom Labs

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    We actually have clear replacement policy for such cases. Blood work can not serve as a tool to exactly determine the dosage of an active agent.
    Ok, you got some doubts about the quality. According to your words it is bunk at all.
    It is weird, that all test reports show the opposite picture, don`t you find?
    So, once again. There is a simple and extremely precise way to find the contents - chromatography. ALL details are described in our terms page. Let`s get samples tested, get chromatography reports and we will know for sure, who has right. If you are right, we cover all expenses and replace items, so you lose nothing. Show me any other lab being so sure in its product to provide such policies? You say it`s bunk, let`s test it. You will only win if you are right.
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  19. Worf

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    I’ve seen tons of testing on Pharmacom and never seen anything bunk. Overdosed, under dosed etc yes. Is there counterfeit pcom stuff? Seems like some body gave tis guy a bottle of clomid or hes scamming. Who the hell runs an eq only cycle?
  20. Sir, I'm really glad that you are understand what going on here. I also thought about clomid (very small doses). About eq solo cycle, this is other question.... really weird.

    To other guys I also hope that this situation look's pretty clear.