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  1. Violater

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    I am posting this simply for input on both good and bad experience with ordering, quality, and customer service. I have had no bloodwork done but have a good experience with there test c and test e the dbol however did nothing for me. Price was "fair" shipping was kind of slow but it is not domestic so is to be expected. What do you guys got?
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    Aren't there already enough posts about this in the underground forum?
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  3. grey

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    My contribution is that you just unwittingly christened the MEso jazz band:

    "Violater and the Pharmacom Experience"

    That'll put some asses in seats.
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  4. Violater

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    What the fuck is that suppose to mean?_
  5. grey

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    It means that Pharmacom has 2 separate threads for this that are both about 200 pages long.
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    Yeah I realize this most of the shot that has any quality to it is outdated the rest is a bunch of off topic bullshit. I am after relative posts that are up to date if you do not have a recent experience with them then gtfo.
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    Go to the lab section. I posted up bloods a few weeks back and I know many others have after me too.

    Look around a little harder next time.
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  9. Violater

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    You are absolutely correct I definitely missed that. Thank you for pointing me in the correct direction.
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    Jesus. Another one?
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    You are correct...many pages are outdated, so start on the most recent. Regardless, you have to realize THIS IS the format. New topics just take up even more space. Any conversations about a particular lab should be in that labs particular thread. Would you rather search through 200 pages (having a choice to read the last 10-20 pages) or have to search an entire forum with multiple topics about that same lab?

    It kind of sucks but it keeps current topics in one location and actually makes them easier to follow.

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    Wow, hold on for a second. Who are you talking to like that? You don't make a thread and then expect it to be all positive posts and if their not then you handle it like a meso member. If not, there's the door. Be sure to post your OP in one of those Pcom threads. Gotta keep all info together.
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  13. Violater

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    First off lesson learned all future posts will be in sections designated to the subject. Second off I don't expect all responses to be positive. With such said it would be ignorant to assume I will politely respond to a negative approach.
  14. grey

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    It is an uncensored board. That part is all good.
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    Yea go post on some 200 page thread that no one wants to read! How dare you tell us something is good dammit! I love scrolling around threads that have more pages then I can read in a year. And saying something is good around here without bloods is like saying you are pregnant with no proof lol
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    Are you suggesting every time someone has an "experience" with an UGL they should start a new thread? You'd rather search 200 new separate threads? What am I not getting? If a thread is active, it is active and worth reading.
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    Herpes. This thread gave me herpes.
  18. Big_paul

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    There is more information about pharmacon than any source on this board. Start reading. You can start with my posts on the topic.
  19. Brewdog

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    Just pretend each post is a journal. When you click on it you magically get to read the most recent logs and even post your own thoughts. Every new thread just ends up with senseless clutter and comments like this one.
    Pharmacom has two for international (Darius) and one for domestic (basicstero).