Pharmacom Labs Dianabolos - GC-MS/MS - 2016-01 - performed by ChemTox via

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  1. rpbb

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  2. Tren Warrior

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    Wow. I must be imune to dbol than.
    I ate 150 mg of these a few months ago without any side effects.
  3. DedLift

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    More isn't always better ;)
  4. Genghis K.

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    Wow, for how long? I've known some big dudes to begin the onset of gyno on less than half that amount when taken for a few weeks.
  5. Tren Warrior

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    I was allways around 100-150 mg for a week.
  6. myosaurus

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    150mg per week or 150mg per day for week?
  7. Tren Warrior

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    100-150 per day mate. Today i know it better...

    But i was not the only one who had problems with their dbol that time.

    Please notice that i still trust Pharmacom. I love all their oils and i am pretty sure their orals are on point.
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