Pharmacom Labs Dianabolos - HPLC-UV - 2017-09 - SIMEC via

Discussion in 'Steroid Lab Testing' started by, Oct 26, 2017.

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  2. One would expect better from such a huge source in the game.
  3. Evom1

    Evom1 Member

    Actually surprisingly high from how many negative reviews I've seen on their dbol. Although some were pleased
  4. Apexvallen

    Apexvallen Member Supporter

    I hear so much about their dbol being bunk. being 20% off is far from bunk but I would have liked to see it around 5% off.
  5. heavylifter87

    heavylifter87 Member

    Not 20% more like 12% , not that huge of a difference for this batch at least . Anything around 90% is good enough .. as labs now .. THAT stuff is crap . 10 mg out of 250 complete garbage . What a joke that is
  6. Apexvallen

    Apexvallen Member Supporter

    Yeah thats true. 12 ain't too bad I guess. Funny how its never a lil over..
  7. CAswole

    CAswole Member

    I thought their dbol was shit when i ran it
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  8. heavylifter87

    heavylifter87 Member

    How much did you run and for how long ?
  9. CAswole

    CAswole Member

    I think 40mgs for 30 days if i recall
  10. Camejtin

    Camejtin Junior Member

    When the results are higher than the label claims, ppl start complaining because is too high.

    When the results are a bit lower, ppl start complaining because is too low.

    When results are exactly the same as the label claims, ppl start complaining because other labs are cheaper and overdosed.

    Fuck off, really
  11. Apexvallen

    Apexvallen Member Supporter

    What the fuck are you even talking about?
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  12. adobeast

    adobeast Junior Member

    I’ve use this orals before with Alpha-Pharma test Cyp and got to say I was very impressed with the quality, around wk 2 I started to get very strong snd got some good size gains. That was my first time using pharmacon and was the dbol. Now I’m on a Pharmacon Only cycle
    And tren A

    Hopefully it doesn’t disappoint me. Have never used their oils this is first time.
  13. Eman

    Eman Member

    Everyone is titled to their opinion.

    The nice thing about this day and age is that we don't have to settle for shit gear. It's not like years ago where you just had to settle for shit gear... We can have it tested and we can be picky if we want.

    That's not to say people are going to complain if they find accurately dosed gear at a reasonable price... Why wouldn't someone complain if it's too expensive? Or if it's underdosed? Or if you've been taking a hell of a lot more than you thought you were because it's overdosed? Why WOULDN'T someone have the right to complain about this?
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  14. ickyrica

    ickyrica Member Supporter

    I absolutely love the idea of knowing how much i am using. I don't want to have poor knowledge of my dose, one way or another.

    I've read on many occasion that a 10% variance is acceptable in regards to ugl brew.

    With all of the available knowledge and resources out there any reputable lab should hit within this margin of error, no questions asked. I say 5% is reasonable to ask for as a consumer. I feel like my personal home brew is within this 5% and if i can hit this margin a public source better be able to.
  15. Nick Beaton

    Nick Beaton Member

    Tried their dbol before...absolute shit. Idc what this report says mine must have had but 1mg per a supposed 10mg -__-
  16. Athlete127

    Athlete127 Member

    Is that the only thing you tried from them? I had a problem with their dbol as well.
  17. Nick Beaton

    Nick Beaton Member

    Also their test cyp and tren ace. Both were bunk. Don't have bloods to back it up. But I hear they are selective scammers