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  1. Pharmacom Labs PHARMA Nolt 300 was determined to have an actual content of 0 mg/ml nandrolone propionate, 119 mg/ml nandrolone phenylpropionate, 173.5 mg/ml nandrolone decanoate and 0 mg/ml nandrolone laurate compared to a label claim of 60, 60, 90 and 90 mg/ml, respectively.

    No microbiological contamination was detected.

    Steroid analytics courtesy of Pharmacom Labs PHARMA Nolt 300 Lab Test Results - Anabolic Lab

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  3. Ouch! That ain't good.
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  4. Seems intentional too seeing as how the dose still comes near 300
  5. Thaistick

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    Looks that way. Worst test I think I've seen on Pharmacom.
  6. rpbb

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  7. Morefyah

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    No laurat? So sad!! jK still 300mg. It’s a dumb blend anyway. Seems like a wash and nobody would the difference either way!
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    Very true, but this is a good type of blend to test, as I bet it’s not a very popular blend being sold...easy for the ugl to get lazy.
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  9. Steve84

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    You think Simec could have fucked this one up???
    I mean pcom usually has something in and it's unusual to have nothing of 2 compounds...

    Weird it still is 300... probably why I liked it when I did run this blend.
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    I'm not complaining
    Laurate is only about week longer half life than dec and a few days for the pp vs prop
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    Who actually uses something like this? Of course its just deca and npp, not even surprised .
    Shame they try to stand out by acting like they have some novelty product .
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    from an overpriced brand, I would never have expected such a thing. also sis lab, did this, but at least the price is half lower
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    Regarding the recent PHARMANOLT 300 report. Its astonished. The vial tested has expired in 2017, over one year ago. So, we see the result for the vial expired over one year ago. It has very old batch number and sticky strip with protection code, which we do not use any longer. We do not have such vials of this batch in neither of our warehouses. I doubt we could sell this vial recently. I sent a message to Millard and asked, where it was purchased from. I think there is nothing terrible in this if he shares this info after the test had been already completed. We are investigating this situation. I can assure everyone that we do not have these vials/this batch in stock now. We will soonest send a sample of the current PHARMANOLT300 batch from our warehouse to Simec. Moreover, if someone has a wish and a closed vial of PHARMANOLT 300 from the newer batch, he/she can send the sample to Simec too. It will prove that we are not trying to counterfeit facts and that we are honest with testing. We cover all testing/shipping expenses, of course.
    Currently we have in stock this batch of Nolt300
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    Well, we certainly won't find if SIMEC fucked up again by having SIMEC test it repeatedly.

    Wanting to have a quick investigation and getting the analysis done by SIMEC sounds almost like an oxymoron.

    If you would like to wait a lot less than a few months for the results and instead have them by the end of the month I'd be happy to help.
  15. janoshik

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    Or well, for the sensitive ones, I can put it like the following:

    If you'd like a fast verification independent of SIMEC I could help you with that.
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  16. MikeEL

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    As one of my friends expected - NPP and Deca :/
  17. Pharmacom Labs

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    An update regarding nolt 300. It`s formula was improved intentionally. There were many feedback about pips with old formula, due to nandrolone propionate and laurate esters as per our estimation. Our production improved the formula to prevent pips. We have to apologize for not updating info on site and on boards, its`s our fault. We ordered new labels. The final active agent concentration is still very close to the manifested 300 mg/ ml. The report showed 292.5 mg/ml, which is within 10% deviation. We update info on site and set 10% discount for nolt 300 in all our stores until new revised package is ready. We really apologize that written material was not updated with the new improved formula in timely manner. But everyone still received 300mg/mL short/long ester nandrolone mix. Obviosuly, there was no ill will or bad intentions.
    The new formula has
    nandrolone phenylpropionate 120 mg/ml
    nandrolone decanoate 180 mg/ml
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