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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Pharmacom Labs, Mar 27, 2015.

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  2. Pharmacom Labs

    Pharmacom Labs Member Supporter

    I have really very sad news today. Maybe you heard about it. There were some rumors recently that China is very serious about banning steroids production. Not just banning, let me be clear: China is criminalizing production/trade/import/export. New laws should go into force on January,1st,2020.

    As you know, virtually all raws are produced in China. In fact, there are just a few huge factories producing steroid raws and with the coming new year they stop production. This means there will be virtually no possibility buying them – the production of raws will be halted. We hoped everything is not so serious... But just today we were trying purchasing more test e raws and got refusal.
    I can attach a screenshot from one of raws suppliers:


    Some raws for less popular/demanded products can be still ordered till the end of the year, but there is already a real deficiency of the popular ones like test enanthate.
    This will effect ALL sources, absolutely all. The current available stock will be sold and all sources you usually order from will no longer have products.

    We, Pharmacom Labs did and are still doing our best to get maximum raws now to have stock for future for 6-12 months at least + we still have a lot of ready-to-use finish products available in stock.
    For this reason, we will still continue our 300/200 promotion for orders paid by cryptocurrency till the of the year. Just because we promised it. We will also have 3 days of increased bonuses up to $700/$700 for 3 days within Christmas promotion on 24th - 26th of December for warehouse 2 only.
    Since January 1st prices will go up by 20% at least and may and most probably will only go higher with the time while our stock will be running low. Orders placed within the promotion and not paid by January 1st will be liquidated without possibility to restore them. There will be no exclusions. We warn about it in advance. New year starts with new increased prices. So, this is really the last promotion we have.

    We will still have sufficient stock for probably next 6-12 months. After this, as per current perspective, sales will be stopped due to missing stock and lack of any possibility to get raws. We are not quite sure yet, what exactly will happen in future.

    There is also no certainty how shipping will work in future. Maybe Basicstero will be able shipping small orders but not large ones.Most probably we stop selling in bulk since January to have stock for retail customers directly from our store for as long time as possible.

    I predict most underground labs will close because of lack of access to quality raws (or some may stay open with questionable products because real raws are already virtually not available nor even produced).

    We still can ship within December from our international warehouse without issues. I don`t want it to sound like I am trying to increase our sales by using the above excuse. I am just telling all "as it is." It is just what we encountered with just today. We were already now not able purchasing some raws.

    So, our advice for all. If you want to have some stock at old prices, you need to place your order and pay for it before the end of the year. I am not sure, how delivery will work afterwards, but what is sure prices will go up.

    Situation is really said and there is no certainty regarding coming perspectives, but they look not well right now.
  3. B Ware

    B Ware Member Supporter

    Well hell, now I’m scared to buy from you guys. I thank you for being honest about the situation but in the drug dealer game now that you have the info you do, what’s to stop an exit scam?
  4. DonaldPump123

    DonaldPump123 Member

    Funny how LMC said the same thing then proceeded to exit scam everyone who put in large orders...But if that's true, for a brand that claims to be the best of the best, you really have some shitty hookups. Almost all of the suppliers I have contacted say they will be just fine
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  5. Turbo charged

    Turbo charged Member

    Just like Enron who thought they were to big to fail. Your post tells me you cant be trusted. And you saying you are going to stop bulk orders to take care of us retail is bullshit. You are stopping bulk orders because you can make more profit on smaller retail ones and less on bulk discounts. You are not to be trusted after your post
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  6. Streetfighter V4

    Streetfighter V4 Junior Member

    The news is true, however, they might have taken advantage of this by selling the news, but i highly doubt such a big UG pharma like Pharmacom would plan to exit scam, they been here for a long time, they have a very good repitation, dont think they would plan such a thing
  7. Brotato

    Brotato Member

    there's no issue with raw suppliers. india, mexico, russia, all still provide fine quality raws. a lot of the chinese companies IF the most money hungry nation actually goes through with the ban just need a pharmaceutical license or setup shop in India to re-ship. at most you'll see a slight increase in price raws.
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  8. Turbo charged

    Turbo charged Member

    Brother dont ever trust a drug dealer the bigger you are the harder the fall. No more raws from china is the death of bigger pharma much more overhead than the little guys.
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  9. Turbo charged

    Turbo charged Member

    The ban has been approved it's done. January 1st you get caught in china with steriod manufacturing you will get your head cutoff. This ain't the states.
  10. DonaldPump123

    DonaldPump123 Member

    Please don't fall for the fear mongering bullshit guys
  11. RThoads

    RThoads Member

    Some related information I found:

  12. B Ware

    B Ware Member Supporter

    I don’t understand why y’all are taking about going out of business. Why not go to licensed vendor? There’s one on this very board who will continue with business as usual according to him.
  13. RThoads

    RThoads Member

    he was not saying it means going out of business is a certainty, he is simply sharing the information he has so everyone is fully informed.

    Frank is sharing what he knows and being open (valuable info from a big insider in the global business).
    I'd be more concerned with anyone that is downplaying this as it will have a major impact upon all of us.
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  14. Brotato

    Brotato Member

    read it again. yes you'd get in trouble. if you DIDN'T have a manufacturing license. so the raw providers that can, will. the rest will move to India. or you can use mexico or russia.
  15. Pharmacom Labs

    Pharmacom Labs Member Supporter

    We are kind of over 10 years on the market. And we have sufficient stock for next months for both US domestic and International warehouses.
    I would not wonder if most do not even know about it. We actually also do not know,what exactly will happen in new year. I clearly told in my message we do not have any certainty what happens next. I only brought a fact: we tried to order from a known trusted supplier one of the most popular products - test e. And it was not available anymore and there will be no more production on their side. This is just a fact I mentioned. I let everyone decide on him/herself, what it could mean. The time will show.

    I did not say it. I said "Most probably we stop selling in bulk since January to have stock for retail customers directly from our store for as long time as possible." Which means we stop bulk orders to sell more in retail to have stock as long as possible. Obviously yes it is to get more profit at retail prices while having limited stock. Optimization of profits and expenses. Isn`t it a purpose of any business to get profit? I thought it is pretty logical.
    How many legal manufacturers you know who produce such products like say boldenone,e.g. for human use?
    Many steroids are intended for veterinary use only and no one legal institution would provide license for human use for such products. It is valid not for all steroids, but for many. Legal production in quantities required for bodybuilding purposes is not possible in general.

    Look, folks. I have just published info I had. I am pretty sure If I did not do it now, than later, if market runs into real deficiency of products, you will complain, why the hell we did not inform anyone, if we new about this new law.
    We have a fact: this law is accepted. It starts working since 1st of January 2020. Raws manufacturers stop production of raws in December. These are facts we know for sure.

    Everything else is on your judgement. I have no idea, what will happen after January.I have just warned all based on real info I have. What to do with this info is up to you.
    p.s. If we wanted to exit scam. we would not mention this in public at all and just do it. Which is not in our interest and we would never end like this to spoil reputation of the company existing for over 10 years.
    We will shoot production video for you all specially to calm you down and to show we have raws and we have products.
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  16. Turbo charged

    Turbo charged Member

    I did not say it. I said "Most probably we stop selling in bulk since January to have stock for retail customers directly from our store for as long time as possible." Which means we stop bulk orders to sell more in retail to have stock as long as possible. Obviously yes it is to get more profit at retail prices while having limited stock. Optimization of profits and expenses. Isn`t it a purpose of any business to get profit? I thought it is pretty logical.

    Funny how you failed to mention that in your first post. It sounded like you were doing it to help us.
  17. B Ware

    B Ware Member Supporter

    Thanks for sharing. Hopefully you will continue to update on stock and possible restocks. You can understand our concern. We already have sources pulling exit scams. Hopefully you will either find an alternate suppler or will go out as an honest good dude and won’t leave anyone hanging. Again, thanks for sharing
  18. Turbo charged

    Turbo charged Member

    A licensed vendor is like a pharmaceutical company here substances need to be used for medical use there are treating it like a controlled substance
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  20. Glocker

    Glocker Member

    What percentage of worldwide raws currently come out of china? And what is the feasibility of a manufacture setting up a raws production factory in another country?