Pharmacom Labs Pharma Mix 3 - HPLC/TAMC/TYMC - 2018-01 - SIMEC via

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  1. Pharmacom Labs Pharma Mix 3 was determined to have an actual content of 206.9 mg/ml testosterone enanthate, 250.0 mg/ml nandrolone decanoate and 99.6 mg/ml trenbolone enanthate.

    The product label claimed 200 mg/ml testosterone enanthate, 200 mg/ml nandrolone decanoate and 100 mg/ml trenbolone enanthate.

    No microbiological contamination was detected.

    Steroid analytics courtesy of Pharmacom Labs Pharma Mix 3 Lab Test Results - Anabolic Lab

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  2. Dw725

    Dw725 Member

    I'm not familiar with raw powders, but are deca raws hard to scale or something? Seems to be a compound that frequently misses the mark .
  3. Steve84

    Steve84 Member

    LOVE IT!!!
  4. rpbb

    rpbb Member Supporter

    not a fan of anything not being dosed correctly, @Pharmacom Labs
  5. Steve84

    Steve84 Member

    Pretty fucking Close to me!
    Won't complain for a little extra here and there.
  6. GrizzlyMint

    GrizzlyMint Member

    I’ve got such a tough time trusting blends regardless of who it is from. I misread this at first and realized yes overdose is nice but not when you are trying to dial in dosage and one item in blend is overdosed 25%
  7. Steve84

    Steve84 Member

    I guess I just say that if I wanted to dial in a dosage, I would never use a blend. I would draw all 3 separately.
    For me.. a blend is a general shot around the listed dosage. I'm not opposed to it being a little off. As long as my Test is close to acurate.
  8. rpbb

    rpbb Member Supporter

    how about they admit they fucked up, and fix it. Errors like this unaddressed usually spill over into the entire operation. But it's hardly anything to be happy about or OK with
  9. Steve84

    Steve84 Member

    Get over it, just like the PPL shit.
    Time to move forward.
  10. Steve84

    Steve84 Member

    Total product is 500MG/ML, it's 55MG high, 10% which is viewed as the acceptable threshhold.
    Nothing to really scoff at.
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  11. rpbb

    rpbb Member Supporter

    now you're acting like the ppl guys, ie hey, they only fucked up a little bit. so it's ok. And I don't have to get over shit. For some reason, alot of people are trying to turn this place into some type of paid source board like brotherhood of pain.

    and moving forward, is any lab fixing their fuckups so it doesnt happen again
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  12. Steve84

    Steve84 Member

    This is what it is... You trying to prove you aren't a shill for PCOM.
    Your chance to prove you aren't a shill or hating on 1 specific source.
    But noone wants to sit and listen to you bitch day after day about the same shit over and over.

    Dosing is pretty damn close. Within 10% pretty much of label which is viewed acceptable.

    Time to start being happy a little and looking at the positive side of things.
  13. rpbb

    rpbb Member Supporter

    If you don't like me bitching about this source or any other, go to one of the paid source boards, where people like me are banned, the gear is fire, and all the guys are your bros

    actually, if you read all of my posts, in the various threads, you might know what you are talking about, and worry about your own happiness, I'm just fine

    and the whole shill term is way over used around here. I do buy from Pharmacom amongst other sources. But that gives them no right to screw up, and it appears to me they aren't as on point as they used to be. Why don't you ask frank if he's ok with the result instead
  14. Dw725

    Dw725 Member

    We get it , you're a fan boy. Go to the pcom thread and stay, that shit doesn't belong in the testing section.
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  15. Steve84

    Steve84 Member

    I wouldn't say it any different for any other source testing. Pretty fucking close.
  16. Dw725

    Dw725 Member

    They're last test on the deca 600 was way off too, so they must have issues brewing deca.

    With all the testing available, no one has to settle for 25% overdosing of any compound, and you shouldn't either.

    I promise they're not overdosing it on purpose. So it could easily go the other way . If the tren came up 25% short in this mix would u be just as happy? I doubt it.
  17. Steve84

    Steve84 Member

    It's not really 25% though. You are looking at it from a 1 compound perspective. The dosing is 500MG total, this is like 555MG, only being about 10% off. Just is 25% on 1 compound.
    Apples to Apples? Sure just different view on it.

    You are right if the tren was 25% short, I wouldn't be as happy.
    But if it was 25% over, I would be.

    But it does seem the Deca has been off for them on the Raws.

    I just think overall, this test isn't horrible. My view. Not every test is going to be perfect. I don't see an apology or what they would even wanna fix over this on this batch to make it up to a customer. Ya they should fix it for next time on the Deca but this test isn't horrible at all.
  18. Athlete127

    Athlete127 Member

    I think i would much rather have over dosed than under dosed. Atleast theyre trying!!!
  19. rpbb

    rpbb Member Supporter

    in this case, not a big deal, but if it becomes a pattern across their line (it's the second deca lab test dosed incorrectly), you've got a problem. Not to mention, there's women using this gear, and over dosed is a real nightmare.
  20. stone988

    stone988 Member

    Not one of you shill dicks could tell between 150 deca and 250 deca most of you shills dont even use gear or workout other then blowing a source!