Pharmacom Labs PHARMA Test E300 - GC-MS/MS - 2016-01 - performed by ChemTox via

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  1. Tren Warrior

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    Oups. What about pharmacoms in house quality controll ?

    I mean, better overdosed that underdosed. But thats just too much.
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  2. Yeabuddyron

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    I agree I mean I like over more than underdosed but that means if you are taking multiple mls a week you'd be like 200mg over everyweek.
  3. rugerjitsu

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    their last enanthate 300 tested at 306...that was under a year ago!
  4. crossfitisgay

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    Fuck I never got any t300 vials hope other shit comes back over
  5. mercury

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    You cannot look at the test results this way.

    there is always test error, depending on the method used, the equipment used, the way it was calibrated, etc

    it can be 5%, 10 % they just do not provide you the error margin only estimated average value, which is good enough

    there is of course more expensive equipment only a few labs can afford to get you even more accurate numbers
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  6. Docd187123

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    But labmax will tell you potency and purity right?? :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
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  7. crossfitisgay

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    Damn over dosed test and reports of underdosed adex can be sorta risky though
  8. Bighorsetr

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    At least it's not underdosed
  9. Yeabuddyron

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    I don't think the idea here is it being under or overdosed. It's the fact that it is so 17% off. That means they don't have as much control and testing as one may think and next time it could very well be 17% the other way. You'd be upset to find out your test 300 only had 250...
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  10. rugerjitsu

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    no offense, but I can look at these tests any which way I care...I sure as hell won't be taking your word for shit. Again, no offense.
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  11. Yeah wow that's way over..... Someone pinning like a gram+ pw of this would be way over dosing. Definitely shows a lack of quality control on Pharmacoms part. Interesting.....
  12. manafest

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    Exactly..!! He sure seems to point out flaws in a superior method testing compareds to labmax..It amazes me actually.
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  13. AnTabolic73

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    This test also shows no other AAS present unlike the last test of test e. So that's a positive. Is one test more accurate than the other?
  14. mercury

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    I am not familiar with their testing procedures but as far as I remember they tested only for presence of the main hormone.
  15. mercury

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    again do you have clue what are you taking about, do you understand how the testing is done, do you have any clue about the testing equipment, methods used.

    people come here to find more info about the testing procedures so they better understand what is going on

    and guys like you do not contribute anything only troll.

    so let's start first with method preparation and see how smart you are, are up to the challenge or just trolling
  16. mercury

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    sorry I responded to you by mistake, it was thinking about somebody else so please disregard my post.

    you are free to look anyway you want,
  17. Docd187123

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    Read the fucking OP in this thread. Holy ch**se and rice, it says NO OTHER ANABOLIC STEROIDS WERE DETECTED which in 3rd grade terms (your comprehension level) means they tested for other steroids but found none.
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  18. Millard Baker

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    Read the report for details:

  19. crossfitisgay

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