Pharmacom NPP. Real or Fake?

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Tsquared, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. Tsquared

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    Okay so my order finally came in the mail today after 8 days even though I ordered through domestic.. if I knew it was going to take that long I just would've went international and saved a few bucks.

    Anyways, I ordered some Pharmacom test e for a buddy and some Test p & npp for myself. The codes on the Test E checked out as legit, the test p did not have a scratch off code, but they came as amps and I've read where a lot of the pharmacom amps werent coming with codes so I'm not too worried about that. But the code on the npp did not check out, now I don't know if I'm somehow typing it in wrong as there is like a backwards Russian "N" or something at the end of the code, but the vial itself looks kind of off.. the label is pretty crooked for one. I've emailed the source and am currently waiting for a response.

    Here are some pics of the vial and box. The part where the label is torn by the barcode is from me, I've seen where the labels on a lot of the fakes come off really easy so I tried to pull it off, but it's stuck on there pretty good.

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  2. Robfromga

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    Instead of another of the 123465328715 pcom threads, why not just wait until the source replies?

    Cause here is a cliff notes of all your potential replies.
    1. Yes, everything pcom sucks.
    2. No, their npp is FIRE!

    Thank you for shopping.
  3. Tsquared

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    Well in the past they've taken a few days to reply so I thought I might be able to get a quicker response a fellow member on here who maybe has the same experience. But I see where you're coming from.
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    Domestic US or Canadian Source?

    Re-sellers sketch me out. -_-
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  6. Dema

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    Did you order thru basicstero?
  7. Dema

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    Try the last letter as a v on the site
  8. Tsquared

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    Yes, through basicstero's US domestic site. That's why I'm confused as to why it would be fake if it's basically coming directly from Pharmacom.

    I tried it still didn't work.

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  9. Dema

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    It's not fake.. it looks legit.. sometime codes get put in the system wrong or vise versa.. maybe it's a v and I.. idk but the last letter is what's making it fake.. I personally wouldn't even worry as it came from basic, but I'm sure they will respond and let you know
  10. Tsquared

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    That's what I was thinking too, it's something with that last letter. I compared the vial to the Test e vials and they are identical in size.

    Thanks for the feedback.
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    Legit. Screenshot_20170702-172013.jpg
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    Yeah I tried the the last letter as a w earlier and it came back legit, I just hadn't gotten around to posting it on here yet. That's why it says it's been checked 3 times lol, I appreciate the help though!
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    CanI ask a serious question? In all honesty, why didn't you post in the Pharmacom thread?