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Discussion in 'Steroid Lab Testing' started by Do3Gs, May 27, 2016.

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    Do3Gs Member Supporter

    This sample was bought at the end of February 2016 during a 60% off sale. Sample was received by SIMEC on April 7th 2016 and results were sent back May 27th 2016. The testing fee was paid for directly to SIMEC by Pharmacom.

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    Wunderpus Member Supporter

    Thank you for your contribution, we appreciate it!
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    Sampei Member Supporter

    Thanks mate!
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    Michael7 Member

    Nice results , thanks pal
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    RThoads Member

    thank you for sharing this info.
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    Denney Johnson

    Denney Johnson Junior Member

    Hey guys I'm not going to lie, I'm a newbie to all of this. I had a great hook pricey, but worth it, and he got locked up for some other stuff, but I just made an online order not too long ago and I'm a little worried my gear is underdosed. Anyway, I appreciate this thread and if you have any questions about my gear pm me please I will not talk on threads lol that much I have already gathered from reading here before
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    Bradly Member

    Thanks,this is useful
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    Braveheart47 Member Supporter

    Thanks bro!:D
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    Kfurly Member

    Good results, does anyone have any more recent experience with this product??
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    BigJP Member

    Was this thru basicstero or Darius
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    Do3Gs Member Supporter

    Basicstero international store.
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    Kfurly Member

    and ordered from us? im curious if someone were to forget to check the discreet shipping if it still has any chance of making it through...or if they can see where its headed and just package it that way anyways?
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    Do3Gs Member Supporter

    Yes to the US. I believe it's kind of a toss up either way. Order was not stealth.
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    Kfurly Member

    okay cool :D at least very very little chance of getting blocked twice if it does..
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    BigJP Member

    Thanks for the contribution man
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