Pharmacom - Pharmabold 500 = HIGH DOSED TEST! TEST 7983ng/dL!!! WTF!!!

Discussion in 'Steroid Lab Testing' started by jon johnson, Feb 17, 2016.

  1. jon johnson

    jon johnson Junior Member

    Decided to get lab work 6 weeks into my cycle.

    Blood work (Lab 1) shows my test levels before I started running Pharmabold 500:
    Serum testosterone was 2361ng/dL on:
    375mg/ew Test E (Alpha Pharma)
    600mg/ew tren E (Pharmacom)
    0.5mg adex eod (pharmacom - underdosed? e2 super high!!!)

    Blood work (Lab 2) several weeks later after starting the Pharmabold 500:
    TEST LEVELS JUMPED to 7983ng/dL on:
    375mg/ew Test E (same batch alpha pharma),
    400mg/ew Tren E (pharmacom)
    1000mg/ew EQ (pharmacom) (preloaded 2grams/ew first 2 weeks on pharmabold - what i'm thinking jacked my test levels super high!)
    1mg Adex ed (estro still high - from tren causing false e2 reading?)

    The only thing that changed between the 2 lab tests, is that I started running Pharmabold 500, which I'm thinking was mislabelled Test E 500mg/ml!!!

    When I emailed Frank telling him how pissed I was...I got blown off by one his chinese lackeys who said, "hi. its not possible. vials are labels by machines. no mix-up is possible here. our testosterones have always blue caps and our pharmabold has yellow caps. please check it."
    SERIOUSLY? WTF is that for a response...check the caps?

    Well if it wasn't the Pharmabold 500, then it would have to be the Tren - which is pharmacom labs brand wtf!!! They're still in the wrong!!! Going to order labmax kit for all future pharmacom gear i run...

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  2. tattedlegend

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    I want to see what is said about this. Can EQ give false readings as test?
  3. RThoads

    RThoads Member

    I don't know if they are still offering it, but not to long ago there was an offer that allowed any customer to send a sample of his own choice to Simec for HPLC and Pharmacom covers the expenses.

    IF this offer is still available send one of your vials in to get the facts so we don't have to play guessing games. It will help yourself, and everyone else, a lot.
  4. Sampei

    Sampei Member Supporter

    Did you bought it from basicstero?

    Post pic of vial with batch number visible
  5. Tren Warrior

    Tren Warrior Member

    Still available.
  6. Trapmonster

    Trapmonster Member Supporter

    I want to know what batch this is since u have one vial now and I bought a other one... that would suck to know it's test and not eq
  7. mercury

    mercury Member

    If your levels jumped so high after taking Pharmabold 500 it must be test.
  8. tattedlegend

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  9. Sampei

    Sampei Member Supporter

    Pic of vial. I don't trust drug dealer as much as I don't trust new member coming here shooting this kind of bomb:)
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  10. Dema

    Dema Pharmacom Rep

    I smell b.s.... Who you working for boy?
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  11. Pharmacom Labs

    Pharmacom Labs Member Supporter

    yes i have comments. this guy emailed me twice. first he said hi thinks that vials are mislabeled. here is what i replied at first time:

    he replied and text was roughly as in the first topic. he said that the reason of high test can be only in our products and he is going to order labmax to test it. my second reply:

    so, i offered twice to send samples to simec. all samples. anastrazol. bold,tren. but he replied nothing. all he did - published this story here... my reply did not change. let`s test it. if anastrazol shows it is undedosed (beyoned acceptable tolerances) we will replace it. same for all other items. no problems here at all. of course i would like that vials are shipped unopened. and pills in blister.
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  12. Pharmacom Labs

    Pharmacom Labs Member Supporter

    or you know what. let`s make it more interesting. if i allow something like this now every second will send us requests that our gear is not what it shall be as per his feelings... of course we will not be able to pay for tests for every customer. or prices of our prodcuts will raise a lot. if you so sure that our gear is not what it shall be let`s send it ti Simec. if it is not as specified we pay completely. But if you are wrong and everything is at it shall be you pay.
  13. Pharmacom Labs

    Pharmacom Labs Member Supporter

    same story... haha, i am a source only :D
    but really. there were no reports about it ever. no one complained. and out of the blue appears someone with extraordinary results... honestly, no way i believe him.
    solution is more as simple. we test it and take responsibility if something is or, what will happen, i know it, we again not at the first time prove the quality of our products. there is nothing else to discuss here.
  14. jon johnson

    jon johnson Junior Member

    I'm willing to send it in for testing. However, I received 2 of the 3 vials with one order, and the last vial with another (so who's to say 2 of the 3 vials I shot already had testosterone and the third sealed one which I got with another order does not and is correctly labeled as EQ???) . Also all the batch numbers are the same for all there gear (604331) - so its impossible for Pharmacom to track if a batch got mislabelled or contaminated with testosterone.

    So if you want to test the last sealed vial I have (also have like 8cc's left in the one I shot before my blood test - which showed super high test levels), it may or may not be representative of what my blood work shows (cause who nows what batch they came from). If we test the open vial I shot before my 2nd labs, and the one I completely shot already (still a little oil residue left...not sure how much you need for testing), that would be way more representative of what I was using. Also have 1-2cc of tren in one of the vials for possible testing.

    But since obviously all customers have hours and hours to waste buying labs online, getting them done, and then posting results, writing emails, etc., and are all out to scam over a little more than $100 worth of gear...I guess sending an open vial with 8cc's left in it would be ridiculous to do. Yea ok...

    To be fair though Basicstero also mentioned possible lab error from LabCorp (known to happen) which I'm not ruling out too. So I guess that's something to think about.

    Either way, I stopped running all Pharmacom gear for this cycle, already switched over to Geneza & Alpha-Pharma EQ, and quit running tren all together. I am going to retest labs in a few weeks and see where I am at...and hopefully my test and e2 levels are back to controllable ranges.

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    MANWHORE Member

    My pharmacy always labels their gear correctly ...
    Walgreens.. you may have heard of them
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  16. jon johnson

    jon johnson Junior Member

    I love how the customer is always wrong, lying, or trying to cheat. I have never had any problems with thousands of dollars of gear I've ordered until now, and one little hiccup and I'm making shit up...really?

    I feel like you think people who have labs showing underdosed (seen a ton with the mixes, and mixed results with the test e 300) or mislabelled gear (my case) - have all this time to concoct an elaborate scheme over a little more than $100 worth or gear. The labs I ordered cost me $200! I just want some kind of god is that to much to ask? Cause UGL could never possible make mistakes, they're practically pharm grade...right? NO!
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  17. jon johnson

    jon johnson Junior Member

    Bro you joined 6 month before me...
  18. Pharmacom Labs

    Pharmacom Labs Member Supporter

    ok man look. it was just sarcasm. i have nothing against you. really. you don`t know me and my experience. i just work a lot with people and we have so many reverse scammers... really. this for sure has an impact on my thinking way. i apologize if i offended you. sincerely.
    but if we keep emotions apart and look into the issue the solution is obvious. let`s stay objective. i offered you 3 or 4 times if not more a way out. there is a real opportunity to find out who has right. but you replied nothing. please understand, i do not refuse to replace items. i could easily do it. i could do it before you gave publicity to this story. it would be even much more cheaper for me. its not about money at all. i am not greedy. this is about our reputation. i really deeply believe that our products can not contain substances other that specified at the label. if you claim this is the case, i need to investigate it. i need to know it for sure. i would be a bad rep of our company if i just agreed and replaced those items. and what (hypoteticly) if you were right... you are not of course. i just know it. but what if...ok, you get compensated. you get items replaced and stays satisfied, but what about other customers? i understand for you is important to get what you paid for. But I as a company employee I have a wider view of this situation. I need facts. Sorry, i can`t accept your blood works before and after as a fact. As i said there are at least 2 other opportunities here.
    1. lab screwed up
    2. alfa was overdosed

    why not. This is why i need this testing. The way i am offering is much more expensive for me and Pharmacom as just to replace you items and suffocate this story asap. Maybe you do not know this, but testing of one sample (chromotography in an accredited lab with 10000000% reliable result) costs about 300 EUR. Ok, i have some discount as a constant customer. However connsidering 3 drugs you are questioning (adex, tren, bold) it will cost me over 600 Euro of real money. As you understand its much more expensive as compared against just replacing products.
    Its not about the money. I need the truth. And there is an absolute proven way to find it. I am sure every member reading this will support my idea. Guys just to check it please like this post if you agree with what i am saying.
    So, one again. I hve no problems at all to replace your items. But it is not enough, it will satisfy you, but not me and not all of members here. Let`s contribute to the community and find a proper way out. You bear no expenses here. I see no reasons for you to decline my offer. I or guys like RT or Millard know what is Simec and I am sure they will help you to manage all this testing story if you need help.
    It`s not difficult at all, but it`s absolutely important for all of us. Let`s just do this and if we screwed up we will admit this and replace all orders you placed in our store for all time since the beginning of time. Everything is extremely simple. That`s all i wanted to say. Respectfully.
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  19. Pharmacom Labs

    Pharmacom Labs Member Supporter

    also 2 more things. 1. you were loughing about my reply regarding mislabeled vials. but i was not joking. even if hypotetically vials were mislabeled cups could not. bold has a yellow cap. test a blue one and tren a red one. we even did not see photos of your order here.
    and the second thing, you mentioned one good word - justice. What I offered you lot of times is exactly what you mentioned. This is pure justice for you, me and all of the members. keep your words and your deeds together. now they do not match each other.
  20. JokerTime94

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    There is a pretty easy way to check if bold is real. Check your red blood cell count.
    If you have run it long enough it should be high.

    But I frank offered you to send all your stuff to simec for free. So if you feel it's not okay that's the way you can truly see what's in there.