Pharmacom primo i got is clear white?

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Jay.lee, Jun 8, 2017.

  1. Jay.lee

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    Hello people wondering if i can get some opinions please i ordered alot of different bits from vlad Pharmacom, the primo 100 has arrived and its a very clear coulour with no yellow at all, is this normal from what i know i thought it should be clear but yellow ? And when iv seen other peoples pharmacom primo it was yellow, im new to this forum thing and have always had good results from pharmacom stuff wich i used to get from a source in london, this is the first time iv ordered from vlad, they way i came across vlad was that a couple years back i was looking at pharmacom and saw alot of happy people so emailed darius and he was very helpfull i didnt order in the end becuase i found the guy in london with it, but this is the same email adress i spoke with darius so i guess there together, anyway i hope you guys can help me, thanks jay
  2. LordSamuilo

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    What is the carrier oil its in ? I don't know what pcom uses in their primo , but oil color isn't really indicative of anything in its self . Just check the codes if their legit then it shouldn't matter much ?
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    You should probably just copy and paste what you put here on the pharmacom thread. Your more likely to figure it out over there cause just about everyone over there has used pcom. Hell you might even get someone over there to confirm that theirs is from the same batch or is the same and it's all good. IMO.
  5. Apexvallen

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    Sounds like Vlad jerked off into a vial and is calling it primo. Good luck.
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  6. Jay.lee

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    Hello mate thanks for your opinion what do you mean by carrier ? The reason i was unsure is becuase all of the pcom primo iv seen is yellow not clear, thanks anyway if you have any more info that would help let me know, jay
  7. Jay.lee

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    Thanks for your reply mate, i will try and do that im like a dinasour on these computers lol, anyway if you have any more info or you have seen any clear pcom primo let me know pls, thanks jay
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    Plus i read a couple threads were the
    also if i copy this into a thread already started wouldnt i be hijacking the thread as they say ??
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    No there has been a million of these threads of pcom started when you should be asking in there thread that's why it's there.
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    Sounds like jizz.
  11. JayWaWa

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    No I know what you are saying, ive questioned the integrity of their primo before as well, the 50% off amps in particular. They are lighter than the vials were. Need to get these to analyzer ASAP.
  12. Jay.lee

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    I just got a message from another member with some good news, the primo can come in both yellow or clear coulor and he stays on it all year round as said hes had both coulors and they were gtg, so i think all should be ok
  13. manafest

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    geeze...there is no set color of any gear i would feel kinda stupid even asking such a question knowing im going to be using any aas at all...