Pharmacom Proviron and Dragon Pharma Anavar

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by FakeNattyAlert, Jun 4, 2019.

  1. FakeNattyAlert

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    I have some good stuff leftover that my friend did not want any longer. Will let it all go for a reasonable price.

    7x Dragon Pharma Anavar 12.7mgx100tabs
    5 Pharmacom proviron 50mgx100tabs
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  2. What's your price on everything?


    300 Var 100 Proviron
  3. Buggy2hot

    Buggy2hot Member

    Will shoot you a PM. Thanks for the items!
  4. Dipshitdave

    Dipshitdave Member

    I've literally been in talks with you about purchasing. We agreed on date and price. What gives? This was posted after our last correspondence also...
  5. FakeNattyAlert

    FakeNattyAlert Junior Member

    @prkway and @maxwin were the only two people to pull the plug and trust me with no beating around the bush.
  6. Dipshitdave

    Dipshitdave Member

  7. balco

    balco Member

    I've been told that OP sent an empty box after being paid to ship product. This my previous confirms my complaints with OP.
  8. Did this dude really fuck people out of their money?
  9. Man I sure hope not.
  10. Dipshitdave

    Dipshitdave Member

    The way I see it, either prkway and maxwin are his other tags, or his friends who "vouched" on his fake sales. Or I'm unlucky enough to be his last customer. Probably had nothing left but wanted to see if he could get some dumbass to bite.

    Hi, it's me. A dumbass.

    Enjoy your free trailer park lot rent this month.
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  11. How much did he get you for? You received the empty box?
  12. How much did you send him?

  13. Dipshitdave

    Dipshitdave Member

    Well, it had 4 pieces of crumpled up paper in it. So I got that goin for me. And without being too specific...bout 3 weeks worth of food.
  14. maxwin

    maxwin Member

    Pharmacom and Dragon Pharma

    Multiple long time trusted members have outright said it, @balco is a scammer and a piece of shit who tried to get some free shit. Do some research.

    I only answered @Dipshitdave question through PM because he messaged me first asking how my experience went.

    In the attached thread, I have listed what I purchased from him back then and it was a good experience interacting with the seller. I cannot speak on the others behalf.
  15. balco

    balco Member

    When I bought OPs gear before it wasn't a good experience but I did recieve products.

    He made is seem as if I would be receiving labeled Parapharma test c, but when the package arrived I noticed I was sent two unlabeled bottles that could be anything.

    The other guy @FakeNattyAlert is claiming to have recieved an empty box.

    I dont have anything to gain by complaining about my purchase, OP isn't a UGL.
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  16. Dipshitdave

    Dipshitdave Member

    Guys, I have 0 reason to lie about this. I received a standard usps priority mail box filled with 4 pieces of crumpled paper in it. I was told it contained 700 dp var and 500 Pharmacom proviron. Not sure why he even went through the trouble of sending me a pack at all. He could have ghosted after I paid. Funny joke on his part.

    I could have my legit sources verify the amount of purchases I've completed through them. Or post the pics @FakeNattyAlert provided me of the products, the package, and the receipt with tracking, but none of this will change shit.

    Oh and also, if @prkway and @maxwin legitimately purchased, I hope he informed you that he sent me pics of your receipts with tracking numbers on them too. Hope he got consent from you first...but doubt he did.
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  17. SpicyGains321

    SpicyGains321 Member

    What in the shady hell is going on here? Hope you get justice bro. Sounds like some ridiculous bs bro
  18. Buggy2hot

    Buggy2hot Member

    I can't speak to any of this, but I made a purchase for $350 with FNA. I sent funds on Friday. He's been pretty solid in working with me thus far, so I'll keep a positive mindset until given a reason otherwise.
  19. Dipshitdave

    Dipshitdave Member

    Good luck man...weird we had the same total for our payment. Might I ask what he claimed to ship you?
  20. Robby550

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    Just pointing out that the only people "received" something have accounts starring right around when FNA first posted items for sale. @balco id be real leery what's in the vials u got. Sounfs like this guys scamming for sure..... BUYER BEWARE. Cant stand shady fukn people. Wow.