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  1. ItsDaBoii

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    I want to share my experience with the sarm samples i got from Pharmacom for those of you who are interested.

    The products i got where
    -Morenos - ibutamoren 10mg (also known as mk677)
    -Ligandos - ligandrol 5 mg

    The product i was most interested in was the mk677...
    So the mk was definitely legit. Took 20mg per day and got all the typical side effects (hunger increase, numbness, better sleep...)
    Its perfect for a bulk cycle because the increase in appetite was just stupid lol. Feels like the food your eating is going into a black hole.
    Maybe it was something else but i think it also helped to clear the acne on my back.

    I really hope Pharmacom will sell the mk-677 in the future. Pretty sure many people here would love it.

    So now to the ligandrol...
    To be honest, if you are already taking steroids and your not planning to stop... dont waste your money on a sarm like ligandrol.
    It was legit and it worked but im pretty sure it will be expensive af.
    You will be disappointed if you compare it to oral steroids. Spend your money on something else.
  2. Pharmacom Labs

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    Thank you for your input! Really appreciate it. How long do you taking them? Hope to read more about your results and feelings in the middle of your cycle and in the end of it.
  3. ItsDaBoii

    ItsDaBoii Member

    Took 20mg of the mk for 50 days and 10mg of ligandrol for 50 days.
    In the middle of the cycle the appetite went down to normal. The numbness side effect stayed though.

    The gains with the ligandrol where slow and steady throughout the whole cycle. Really no side effects at all tbh.
  4. Pharmacom Labs

    Pharmacom Labs Member Supporter

    For how long are you going to take them?Or already finished cycle?
  5. ItsDaBoii

    ItsDaBoii Member

    Already finished
  6. GS1

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    how to get ibutamoren samples and try the product for you?
  7. ItsDaBoii

    ItsDaBoii Member

    They had a promo going on a few months ago... dont think they still send out free samples
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