[PHARMACOM] Test-C/1st cycle [06Nov17]

Discussion in 'Steroid Cycle Log' started by krismet, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. krismet

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    I haven't actually received my order yet. Like a dumbass I ordered from the INTL site, instead of domestic. Ordered on Nov 6th, still no tracking number. At least they're responsive to my questions on the website. MAYBE I'll get to start by December. Still nursing a rib injury anyway, so another couple of weeks to rehab probably isn't the worst thing in the world.

    Current stats:
    39 yr male
    185 lbs, 15-20% bf
    5'10" height

    This will be my first foray into gear and my thought is to start low dose. Have wasted money on SARMS (see dumbass status above) in the past. I also ordered D-bol, but I'm not sure that I'll be incorporating that into my 1st run. arimidex and nolvadex on hand.

    I got my pre bloodwork done last week. The only thing reading as high is A/G Ratio. Anyone see anything else of concern before I start? There's time to stock up on ancillaries.

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  2. Apexvallen

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    What are you actually running for this cycle? Test + dbol? What dosages?
  3. krismet

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    Still waiting on my order placed on the 6th. Being my first time I'm thinking I could make great gains from 3-400 mg/wk of just the test. Personally I'd rather put on 10 lbs of slower, lean gains than blow up with water and whatnot and arouse a ton of suspicions.
  4. Apexvallen

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    Okay, thats a sensible plan. Good luck. Train hard.