Pharmacom Test C 250 Mid Cycle Bloods

Discussion in 'Steroid Lab Testing' started by Samsquanch, Aug 15, 2016.

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    I just received my mid cycle results back from my first blast. I've been on a TRT dose for a little over a year. TT right before I started was 769 with bloods done 36 hours after pin. Mid cycle bloods done week 6, 48 hours after pin. I'm pinning 250mg 2x a week. I see I need to start using the arimidex I have on hand. I had my doubts, as this is my first go with AAS and I got it during their 40% off Bitcoin promo in April. I figured it would be under dosed product for sure. Hope this helps the Meso community.

    image.jpeg image.jpeg
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    Thanks for posting. May not be underdosed- we all respond differently. Some guys get 10x, some get far less.

    That being said, I think the tren ace I picked up during that same sale might have been underdosed.
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    Thanks for sharing
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    Is there still confusion in this area? I thought it was clear that the 10x "theory" applied to the last dose...
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    769 was your last TRT reading? What dose exactly are you on?
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    Thanks for BW

    @Dw725 Has been showing his BW 10x rule by last pin not weekly dose--- my results showed the same....

    So 250mg * 10 = 2,500

    So your close, plus everyone is different and your diffentely aromitizong at 68 e2:)
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    precisely this. if he posts his trt dose, takes the multiple of that and compares to this pharmacon result, that will prety much tell if its under/overdosed compared to pharmacy grade. unless he self-doses with ugl for trt. then that doesnt mean shit.
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    his test levels were 2417 which is very good.

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    My TRT dose has been tweaked several times since I started, but the dose for the past few months had been 200mg of Perrigo test c every other week.
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    Sorry for so many questions but what is the timing on the TRT bloodwork from last pin...? Either way, sounds like your Pharmacom C is good.
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    Bloods were done 36 hours after last TRT dose.
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    Wow. Makes Pharmacom C look overdosed. I'm glad. Got a ton of it squirreled away for winter bulk.

    Thanks a lot bro for BW and context!