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    I know lab work is controversial here at Meso (everything is). So take these for what they are, ONE MEMBER'S blood work. Everyone reacts differently. I usually look for 10x last pin as a good result for my body.

    Running 500mg e3d with NPP 100mg e3d. Blood drawn 3 days after last pin (pin day, but prior to administering daily dose).

    I am taking 1mg/day of pharma adex, but estrogen is still above the "normal range." I generally prefer to run aromasin, but I am still surprised my estrogen is this high on 1mg/day Adex. Will probably switch back to Aromasin after this.

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  2. Evom1

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    Wouldn't 500mg e3d be about 1500-1700 per week?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't 5000 what people hope to see on labs if there running 750mg/wk?
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  3. AlphaLife

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    There are 7 days in a week here on earth. So, no, 500mg e3d will never be 1500mg/week.

    Yes, you are wrong. As I stated,10x last pin is what I always get with properly dosed gear.
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    Thx for posting
  5. Den84

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    I return to repeat that blodwork is not reliable to understand the dosage of the active ingredient. There are dozens of lab tests on Pharmacom in the anaboliclab project, is not underdosed.
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    Correct, the vials tested by anabolic lab were not under dosed. Unfortunately, that doesn't guarantee every batch going through is dosed as accurately.
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  7. anfee

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    1mg of adex A DAY?!? Holy hell man... that's a lot.. even for the amount you're taking. Are you sure it's legit?
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  8. AlphaLife

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    Yes. I'm sure it's legit.
  9. Morefyah

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    That's a lot of adex man.
    I only use .5mg twice week and I'm on 600 mg test and a lot other gear too. Hmm, weird!
    What brand adex are you using?
    Why are you surprised your E is so high yet want to return to using a weaker AI? And only using 200 mg of npp is only going to shut you down worse but without reaping the benefits of npp. It's best dosed at 400-600 mg week and honestly the sides are not any worse then at 200mg.
  10. AlphaLife

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    Why am I surprised? Same reason you are. That's a lot of adex.

    Aromisin is stronger.

    NPP has not shut me down "harder." My LH & FSH is no lower than it is on 500mg test. 200mg NPP does not cause any additional suppression over the 1g test I am on. If you're talking about Deca, you would be shut down LONGER because it stays in your system longer, making recovery more difficult, but there is no additional suppression.
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    Bro what's up with your shoulder?
  12. Morefyah

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    Idk bro, do you mean my delts?
  13. 2Dumb2Plumb

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    Lol yeah that's a sick ass side delt... unless it's just the way the angle is
  14. Morefyah

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    Yeah thanks man. They are even bigger and more striated now. Also my rear delts are showing awesome muscle separation and are forming one long muscle that runs across the top of my back.
    Lots of heavy bent over rows, seated barbell presses and reverse cable flys. o_O
  15. Roco Bama

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    How are the gains coming with 1g of test. any hair loss, if you are prone ? 200mg is useless. Bump it up to 400mg. You won't regret it.
  16. Dw725

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    I've had fake astra zeneca arimidex before, from a well known source. All-day chemist and reliable Rx. I know a lot of guys still use them, but I recommend against it.

    Idk if that's where you sourced your ai, but figure I'd throw it out there since I saw you're using the astra zeneca arimidex. Being they're the original I think it's counterfeited more often.
  17. G2Ready

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    Particularly the ones from turkey.... well just about anything in turkey can't be trusted:)
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  18. AlphaLife

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    Not from them. Switched to Aromisin and problem was solved. Also now finished the cycle.
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  19. AlphaLife

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    Roco, I'll up the NPP next bulk cycle. Was my first time running 1g test, first time running Anadrol, and first time running Slin, so I really didn't want to muddy up interpreting my results too much with adding additional stuff. Was just lifting pretty heavy most weeks and wanted to lubrication.

    Best cycle I've ever run probably. Minimal sides...none other than estrogen getting a little high. Lots of gains. We will see after pct and cut but I'm estinating 15 lb of lean mass retained. I put on over 30 lbs total.
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