Pharmacom [Test-Deca-Tren-Dbol] 13 weeks

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    I'm 24 years old, training since 16.
    I will try to keep a detailed log of this cycle, updating often and taking before and after pictures.
    My plan is to bulk as much as possible keeping fat at bay.
    I'm using Pharma Mix 3 from Pharmacom (200 Test E, 200 Deca, 100 tren E per ml)

    Before cycle stats: 5' 11" (180 cm) 194 pounds (88 kg) at a 12% bf.

    Week 1-11 400 mg test E + 400 mg deca + 200mg tren E
    Week 7-11 30mg Dbol ED

    Week 12-13 400mg test only

    I use Dbol at the end just to break a possible plateau. Also I dont need it to kick start cause I have front loaded.

    I will use exemestane and hcg during cycle. Also have cabergoline in hand just in case.
    pct with tamoxifen and clomiphene.

    I'm going to pin E4D. Front loaded first pin which was October 8th

  2. Mind-Muscle

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    This is a picture before cycle.
    I'm 11 days in and already 9 lb up. I suppose it's all water weight cause I'm not feeling strength gains or pump increases yet.
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    subbed, is this your first cycle ?
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  5. Mind-Muscle

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    It's my 3rd cycle.
    First one was two years ago (test-boldenone), second one was last year (test-deca-dbol)
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    Disaster update:
    Last night I fell against the bedsite table and today I went to the doctor and it seems that I have broken a rib...
    In have a lot of pain just breathing, I can't train obviously and the doctor said that I must keep absolute rest at least for 6 weeks...
    What should I do?
    Stop cycle now or just keep going and make it longer??
  7. Shujaat

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    stop the cycle.....if u want carry on with test trt doses...untill you recover and are back in gym....though I would save all the gear and will natty till recovered....may god help your recovery....
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    If you have pct on hand i would go ahead and stop. It's 6 weeks he said before you can train and probably another 4 weeks before you are back fully i dont see a reason to even cruise. I'm not sure mid January might be able to start some sort of bulk

    Edit how many pins did you have of deca?
  9. Mind-Muscle

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    I'm 3 weeks in...6 pins.
    So I think I will cruise untill I feel good again.
    One full year natural waiting to begin this cycle and now this happens...
    Life is a bitch.
  10. Kinetic

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    I had to cut my last cycle short for different reasons, but 8 weeks flew by quicker than I imagined it would. Definitely heal up and just start over. Not worth risking further injury.
  11. Mind-Muscle

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    I have resumed the cycle. Finally I didn't stop pinning at any moment, I just stopped training for a week, last week the pain was less severe so I try training legs without problem.
    This last week I've been training the rest of the body with little pain, I just feel pain if I squeeze my abs, twist my torso...
    I think this awesome fast healing is because of the steroids.
    I'm feeling good, strong, hungry, with energy and motivated.
    Already 20lb up. This is my heaviest weight ever. I'm holding a little fat but I don't care, I just wanna grow as much as possible.
    I will take pictures this week.
  12. krismet

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    I've been dealing with rib issues too and it sucks! I re-injured a bottom rib from going too heavy/too low of depth on leg press a few weeks back. Original rib crack was from about a year ago in BJJ class. Got the life squeezed out of me between someones thighs... It took me two months before it stopped hurting that time.

    Hasn't stopped me from training, but ab work was definitely out. Had to go light on squats, deads, rows, etc. for a couple weeks and concentrate on perfect form. Sloppy form equals instant discomfort.
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    I hit a plateau, I'm eating like a monster and training like a beast, giving everything at the gym but the scale doesn't move.
    I just started my 7th week, so I kick in dbol, I hope it helps me to keep making progress.
    Anyway, I feel very good. Few side effects, nice sleep, nice recovery, my energy is high everyday, my strenght climbs up, libido through the roof...

    I'm weighing 215 lbs (194 at the beginning of the cycle)

    This is a recent pic
  14. Masse

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    How ist the PIP from this Pharmamix?
  15. Mind-Muscle

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    Is not that bad. I was afraid because of the Pharmacom warning about high concentration products... But I'm injecting 1,3ml with each pin and no problem. I injected yesterday in the quad and today I barely feel any pain.