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    5,8 22 years old , 196 lbs now 210 lbs

    about 3 years in training before cycle 196
    This is my second cycle . My first cycle was Test e 500 with dbol 30 mg however that cycle didn't count to me because it was bunk gear . The gear was from a "big" steroid instagram user . The pct wasn't good because I felt very low on energy when I came off the cycle . until I injected my first shot of my secon cycle . I was going to do 600mg a week test with 30mg dbol however I just decided to go with 600 mg test e from Pharmacom .

    Week 1 - I felt better just from the first shot i believe my test levels were so low .

    By week 4 I went from 197-210 but my strength levels have not been drastic bench went from 245 for like 1 to 6 reps

    Been eating 4000 calories 500grams of carbs 129 grams of fat 210 + grams of protein

    It's week 5 and just did my last shot of my first vial ... I had to open my second vial early so I'm guessing it was short a ml ? I bought these vials during the Black Friday promo

    Going to post my progress from here on till week 10
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    22 years old and on 2nd cycle shame too young
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    It is , but not really take a look on instragram there are plenty of 21-22-23 year olds on loads of gear . It's hard not to take it when everybody in your gym is basically on it too. I would've liked to wait till 25 but Shit happens