Pharmacom Test-E and DBol Cycle

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    Source: Pharmacom Store
    Compounds: Dbol 30mg/day & Test E-300, 600mg/week total, split in 2 pins/week
    exemestane 15mg EOD

    Previous Stats: 5'11''
    208 lbs
    approx 17% bf
    bench: 185bs x 10
    shoulder press: 60lb dumbells x 8
    Deadlift: 225x8

    Current Stats:
    weight: 221 lbs
    bf unchanged
    Bench: 225lbs x 10
    shoulder press: 85lb dumbells x 10
    Deadlift 275 lbs x 8

    Current week in Cycle: week 6

    Firstly I'd like to say that I ordered only 2 10ml vials of Test-E 300, the Dianabol (10mgx100) was given as a free gift with my order, which I was very excited about, Darius is great with customer service.

    Due to the dianabol, results were very rapid. By the end of the first week, it was obvious that it was doing it's job, I was getting extreme pumps, sometimes even a little painful, which is what I like to see. Strength and mass gains were very rapid, and it seemed like I went up on every exercise in my rotation consistently each time I worked out, even if only by 5 or 10 lbs. This is my 2nd cycle, and I'm making much more noticeable and rapid results than last time. Libido is through the roof especially after the test levels stabilized by week 3. Up 40 lbs on bench, finally broke my weight which I've never done before, although I may have been able to do a few more lbs prior to starting, but DEFINITELY not 40.

    Running cycle for 15 weeks, Dbols just ended, will be running test-E 300 2x per week and Stanzolol (winstrol) to begin my cutting cycle. On a side note, people who don't even know I work out are stopping me and telling me I look like I've been hitting the weights and that I'm getting much bigger, so clearly changing aesthetically =). Pharmacom store gear is definitely g2g, and will continue my cycle and future cycles with them.
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    17% BF and winstrol? You'll be wasting it.
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    First post is a fishy post..
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    225 for 10 on flat bench.... How old are you?
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    It's for the store credit...
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