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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by MEEKmlz, Mar 16, 2015.

  1. Walter33

    Walter33 Junior Member

    I came in with a bang right guys? :p
  2. Lol, OK.

    My nipples are a little sensitive now that you mention it....
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  3. Steroidify

    Steroidify Member Supporter

    There is no need to read hundreds of pages to evaluate my products. E-mail me your delivery info and you'll receive 20ml of testosterone as a free sample, for testing.

    I'll start preparing a monthly budget strictly for samples to MESO members who never tried my gear till now. Probably 20-30 vials + 20 boxes of orals per month to 15-20 members.

    Thank you!
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  4. Tren Warrior

    Tren Warrior Member

    Free samples ? Hm...
  5. walktheline

    walktheline Member

    darius you've built a very solid reputation on this board and have taken care of me and im placing another order this week good gains on your products but free samples to new member is a huge step back that doest fly on meso theres even a thread saying y u schoulnt accept free samples from sources I would retract this offer as there will be nothing but schills and it will destroy this thread it will turn into a pharamcon bashing and any real review will become worthless jus keep doing what ur doing up holding excelnt coustmer service that you do and keep building off that
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  6. stevieshredz

    stevieshredz Member

    Well said.
    I was wondering how memeber would respond to this offer.
  7. bickel29

    bickel29 Member Supporter

    Many of us do not believe in free samples... that doesn't mean that it is a bad business decision by Darius.

    I know many guys here will dislike me saying this, but like it or not, the free sample works at getting a lot of dudes to try your gear, that wouldn't have otherwise. Some of those guys will get what they consider to be great gains, and will reorder, and tell other friends to order.

    Sure, the vocal minority here will protest and object and shoot down the free samples along with the proceeding reviews. But I think we underestimate the silent majority (those who order from these UGL's but never post at all).

    I am not agreeing with free samples and I have stated before why they mean very little to many of our members. But as a business decision by a drug dealer trying to make money, there are worse business moves he could make.

    I'm not saying, I'm just saying.
  8. Mayne

    Mayne Member

    Looks like thenewkid or whatever he was and meek will be registering again around here :rolleyes:
  9. Mofotyler

    Mofotyler Member

    I'm against free samples. This is not sunday at Walmart where u get the little free cheese and pudding sample cups. This will cause a MASSIVE wave of new people that are here just for samples. More than likely you will find 1 guy getting different handles and getting a entire year worth of samples. I see the business side of where you are going with this. Just a lot of the members are not going to like this. If you start to do this and it catches on. Then i belive the promise of free samples from others will run rampent. Maybe put on your site you will do free samples. Just maybe leave it off of meso. Then again this is just my take on it.
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  10. johnnyBALLZ

    johnnyBALLZ Member

    Darius knows the culture here and knows free samples are a no go. Must be getting desperate on Meso after all the reports of bunk..

    Gotta say it, anyone that takes these "samples" shouldn't feel too good about themselves.
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  11. Steroidify

    Steroidify Member Supporter

    I appreciate your feedback and as usual, if the majority decides I'll adjust my practices or policies.
    I admit the "free sample offer" from above was briefly formulated and it can be exposed to interpretation and lead to unwanted events, like shills, fake accounts etc but if properly modified with your help I think it can be a good contribution to this community.

    All the reasons you guys mentioned against free samples are totally pertinent and I agree with them but this is no ordinary forum and I'm no ordinary source. Given the fact that at this moment there is no source in the world that paid or continues to pay for all Labmax, mass spec or bloods performed by its customers, this can be an opportunity just to test my products with 0 costs involved, furthermore even get 100$ free store credit for keeping a log and sharing some lab tests results.

    I can add a condition to this promo, only Members rank and above with registration date older than 6 months and at least 100 posts can request samples.

    Even so, the final answer is yours and I'll respect whatever decision you guys take.

    As Bickel very well mentioned before, there is a silent majority which surrounds every online community. Correlated to my business, probably around 5% of my incoming customers from the boards where I'm a member/sponsor ever wrote a comment or review.
    Upset customers (for various reasons) or those who wish to harm are much more motivated to act accordingly (join forums, submit posts, insults) contrary to those who might (or not) remember to help disinterestedly and share a positive feedback. It's a behavior very well explained by the human nature which no longer surprises me.
    That somehow explains the proportion between negative and positive reports.

    As for "desperate" ... I think the term is too harsh. I could've just "randomly" selected members through PM for free samples with much greater results in terms of positive feedback and definitely much more discreet.
    Decided to go with it publicly, for full transparency, just like any other action I've made here since I joined.
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  12. skagitmaster

    skagitmaster Member

    I just feel like with free samples it's all b.s, just leading to a bait and switch.
  13. emcomfu

    emcomfu Member

    I'm on week 5 of Anavar. Up to 120mg a day. No difference in my workouts or pumps at all. Pretty dissappointed. Also on the refund for blood tests I haven't gotten anything yet. He didn't say hey you want some prop or some more test? Don't knkw if I have to bring it up on my next order or what. I was hoping this var would put the finishing touches on my cut. Major no on that. @Darius PharmacomStore
  14. skagitmaster

    skagitmaster Member

    Why in the fuck would you order from him again?
  15. emcomfu

    emcomfu Member

    The oils have been decent and very smooth. I think the orals suck dick or hit and more miss.
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  16. biggerben69

    biggerben69 Member

    Shame...these guys are starting to resemble Naps as time goes by.....from the quality of gear(all over the place) to the different schemes to boost sales.
  17. Mr.B66

    Mr.B66 Member Supporter

    I hope your wrong about that!
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  18. Mofotyler

    Mofotyler Member

    :eek: Ouch that was a burn. Haha
  19. Mixse

    Mixse Junior Member

    Is pharmacomstore legit? I want to buy some gear for my personal use? Any reviews plz?
  20. KPK

    KPK Member

    I would like to know why there's three different people on this page with my pic in there avatar?