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    Hey guys, let me know if this post is in the wrong place and I'll delete.

    Been meaning to post this for a couple months, just kept getting sidetracked. Anyway, decided to order from pharmacomstore because I didn't feel comfortable ordering domestic, and I was impressed by Pharmacom Lab's production videos on youtube. Their prices are a little steep, but I'm only running TRT doses, so the price difference really doesn't matter too much for me.

    Ran Pharmacom Test P for about a month prior to taking these bloods, 3/wk @ 40mg/per shot. Link to test results:

    Pleased with results, since getting those bloods I bumped it down to 90mg/wk as I want TRT levels, not above.

    I had no problems with shipping or customs (I live on east coast), and turn around time was not bad at all (10-14 days between payment and delivery to mailbox - no signature needed). I'll be using them again, for sure. I just wish they sold hcg also.

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    Yea wrong section , note that their allready is a pharmacon thread And reviews.
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    Please post reviews in the source thread if possible. Thanks.
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    Hello Sir!
    Please move it here: PharmacomStore – Pharmacom Labs Official Distributor - Darius

    thank you!