PHARMACOMSTORE Test E 300 and arimidex + clenbuterol

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    i bought 2 bottles of Test E 300, 1 pack of arimidex and 1 pack of clenbuterol(Meltos) from Pharmacom and ran a cycle with all of these.

    Started at 500 mg a week with test E, 1 mg of arimidex every other day so about 3 mg a week. Ran clenbuterol mainly for breathing purposes at 1 pill a day. It did drop my waist down 1 inch over 2 months

    Weight beginning cycle was 283 lbs morning weight , eating roughly 4200-4400 cals . Around 300 protein/ 500 carbs / 150 grams fat give or take each day. Training 4 times a week for 1-2 hours . Legs and abs one day/ back and biceps another / chest tris another/ then shoulders abs calves and more upper back work.

    Weeks 1-3 500 mg of test 1 clen a day 1mg of adex 3 times a week I went up to about 291-292
    Weeks 4-9 750 Test a week no clen 1 mg adex every other day
    (Weeks 7-9) back on clen for 1 a day for remaining 3 weeks

    Ended at 295 lbs at end of week 9 and was eating slightly more protein and carbs 330-350 p 550-600 carbs near tail end.

    Waist dropped 1 inch gained about 11-12 lbs of weight maybe about 3-4 lbs muscle over 9 week course . Very smooth test e injections clen helped eating a lot as well as breathing and took off 1 inch on waist. The adex did keep some water off me but not too much.

    Overall very satisfied with items and results next time will add in another item maybe deca or dbol with the test.
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    Just ordered the exact same order, from same UGL.
    Looking forward to this cycle myself.