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    I'm always doing Bloodworks to check products legitimacy, and always recommend doing so (In my country a single hormonal value costs 15€, which is almost the same price as a LabMax pair of vials, but it actually tells you something usefull).

    Till a few weeks ago that a patient told me about the Loyalty discount program, I wasn't aware of its existence, so never bothered with uploading results (neither i'm very active on international forums). Now that I'm aware of it, well, lets at least get something in return.

    Couldn't get the camera to focus, so here is the about the product itself:

    1. Was purchased and shipped on February - 7 - 2018
    2. Product was purchased on
    3. Mfg date: 2017-09 - 2021-09 - Batch Nr: PHT300004EV
    4. Protection code is Ly1Vbzfydq
    5. Product wasn't purchased with any offer, discount or similar

    About the bloodwork:

    I don't "cycle" anymore, I use constantly 3,5mg/kg LBM of testosterone a week (without ester weight). Was diagnosed with hypogonadism with 17 years and have been on TRT ever since, I don't use pharm grade testosterone even though I have a prescription, but that is a whole different history.

    1. I injected 75mg Testosterone enanthate 28 - May - 2018
    2. Injected again 240mg Testosterone Enanthate 03 - June - 2018 12.30PM
    3. Blood was extracted 05 - June - 2018 at 12.30PM

    I'm a carrier of two A alleles (A homozygous) on the PDE7B gene (high responder).

    Below the pictures.


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    Look like overdosed , 36 ng ml it’s too much for your dosage, but better overdosed than underdosed
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