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    Hello Meso Members,

    Who we are ! is an online pharmacy specialized in selling fitness related pharmaceuticals.
    A trustworthy source for Steroids, HGHs and EPO that will help you to build an impressive body, extremely fast.

    We made it easy for anabolic and HGH users all over the world a safe and accessible means of purchasing their desired items without any nasty surprises along the way.

    Our goal is to provide top quality products with most affordable prices and the best customer support.

    · We always keep ready stock

    · We sell only international branded pharmagrade which are manufactured by international pharmaceutical company (we dont supply chinese , indian , lab or modified products) We sell only %100 genuine /authentic products.

    · We provide fast and excellent customer service with instant communication (whenever you want, you can reach us by mail, whatsapp, signal, wickr, telegram)

    · We currently have customers in more than 24 countries. According to the countries, we have our own special packaging method. Our success rate on delivery is %90. Despite problematic custom procedures, we also have many customers in Australia and Canada.

    · We have only re-shiping policy for USA, UK , Spain and France.

    · Tracking number is provided on the day we receive the payment.

    · We provide free shiping with regular airmail more than 300$ order.

    · No min order needed. You can make a trial order as one pack of any product. You will trust us more when you receive your first order and I am sure that we will be your reliable and unique address on your shopping.

    · You can buy the product by contacting us directly.

    If you have any question or demand, pls contact with us directly.


    Human Growth Hormones

    GENOTROPIN 36 IU (12 mg) GoQuick Pen - 185 USD.
    GENOTROPIN 16 IU (5,3 mg) GoQuick Pen – 110 USD.
    HUMATROPE 72 IU 24 mg cartrige - 299 USD.
    HUMATROPE 36 IU 12 mg cartrige - 169 USD
    NORDITROPIN NordiFlex 45 IU 15 mg Prefilled Pen – 230 USD.
    NORDITROPIN NordiFlex 30 IU 10 mg Prefilled Pen - 167 USD.
    OMNITROPE 5 mg 15 IU - 109 USD.
    OMNITROPE 10 mg 30 IU. - 165 USD.

    ANAPOLON 50 MG 20 TAB - 34 USD.
    OXYMETHOLONE 50 mg 50 TAB.-Iran Hormone - 54 USD.
    PROVIRON 25 MG TAB. - 15 USD.
    DEROLOXAN 2,5 mg 50TAB. (Pharmagrade Anavar) - 59 USD.
    sustanon 250 AMP - 12 USD.
    testosterone ENANTHATE 250 mg 1 Amp - 5 USD.
    NEBIDO AMP 1000 MG/4 ML 1X4 ML AMP - 180 USD.

    aromasin 25 MG 30 TAB. - 49 USD.
    arimidex 1 MG 28 TAB. - 44 USD.
    SANTRA 1 MG 28 TAB. (Generic Arimidex) – 38 USD.
    KLOMEN 50 mg 10 Tab (clomid). - 15 USD.
    CHORIOMON 5000IU Amp (hcg-Pregnyl) – 34 USD
    PROVIRON 25 MG TAB. – 15 USD.
    tamoxifen 10 MG 30 TB- Deva (nolvadex) – 18 USD.
    TAMOXIFEN 20 MG 60 TB- Deva (Nolvadex D) – 34 USD.
    CABASER 1 MG 20 TAB. - 27 USD.
    DOSTINEX 0,5 MG 8 TAB. - 49 USD.
    FEMARA 2.5 MG 30 TAB. - 65 USD.
    EVISTA 60 MG 28 TAB. - 35 USD

    Fat Loss
    clenbuterol 20 MG 50 TAB. - 20 USD.
    TIROMEL 25 MG 100 TAB. - 23 USD.
    BITIRON 100 TAB. - 21 USD.
    EUTHYROX 150 MG 50 TB. - 17 USD
    EUTHYROX 100 MG 50 TB. - 15 USD.
    EPHEDRINE 50 MG/ ML 1 AMP. - 4 USD.
    GLUCOPAGE 1000 MG 100 TAB. - 21 USD
    XENICAL 120 MG 42 CAPS. - 69 USD.
    VENTOLIN 4 MG 100 TAB. - 18 USD.
    ZADITEN 1 MG 30 TAB. - 14 USD.

    avodart 0,5 MG 30 CAP. - 45 USD.
    PROSCAR 5 MG 28 Tab. - 19 USD.
    viagra 100 MG 4 TAB. - 65 USD.
    VIGRANDE 100 MG 4 TAB (Generic Viagra). - 24 USD.
    JELIGRA 100 mg 4 Sachets Oral JEL. - 25 USD.
    (Generic viagra better product than Kamagra)
    cialis 20 M 4 Tab. - 65 USD.
    AFILTA 20 mg 4 Tab (Generic Cialis). - 18 USD.
    LEVITRA 20 MG - 78 USD

    EPO-Insulin and Peptites
    EPREX 4000IU 6 inj. - 220 USD
    EPREX 3000IU 6 inj. - 170 USD.
    MERIONAL 75 IU1 Vial. - 29 USD
    MERIONAL 150 IU 1 Vial. - 49 USD.
    HUMALOG 100 IU 3 ml 5 Cart. - 59 USD.
    HUMALOG Kwikpen 100IU 5x3ml pen. - 64 USD
    HUMULIN N Cartridge 100IU 5*3 ml – 39 USD.
    HUMULIN R Insulin 100 IU 3 ml 5 Cart. – 39 USD
    HUMULIN R Insulin 100 IU Vial 10ml. – 21 USD
    NOVOMIX 30 Flexpen 5x3 ml pens. - 65 USD
    APIDRA SOLOSTAR 5x3 ml Ready Pen. - 49 USD
    LANTUS SOLOSTAR 5x3 ml Ready Pen. - 49USD

    ...and many many more. Pls dont hesitate to contact with us. We have very wide range of products. If you are a big/bulk buyer, we can disscuss about the prices and find a middle way to build long-term business relationship with you.



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  2. Jsj1

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    Rimobolan on website says 10 amps for &105 or 20 amps for 290 is that a mistake?
  3. jJjburton

    jJjburton Member Supporter

    Hgh daddy rebrand?????
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  4. Toni72

    Toni72 Member

    The only correct price is testo E, what is the laboratory?
  5. Dont think so...
    What is the country you ship from?
  6. B Ware

    B Ware Member Supporter

    My thoughts as well.

    Also curious of the origin of this source.
  7. bolder

    bolder Member Supporter

    Beware of these new sources popping up right before this ‘uncertain’ China ban goes into affect!
    It doesn’t make a lot of sense that these sources would be fishing for customers before knowing what might/will happen!

    Seems like a easy way to try and scam...

    #staywokemeso o_O

    #idontreallyknowwhatthatmeans :confused:

    Imma go workout now, but I’ll be back later to look more carefully through the intro ;)

    edit; is it affect or effect? :eek:
  8. I'm just wondering if hes from Turkey...
    Who happens to can a VERY similar list (Including certain Pharmaceutical companies that are NOT the most common for certain meds (t4)

    Seems a little convenient that he shows up, days after you and BB69 have been crushing another pharma source.

    EDIT Effect of Affect..
    I still dont fucking know bro
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  9. Also
    Pretty sure HGH daddy was a chinaman.
    This new source is Turkish.

    I was being coy.

    Check the labeling of all of his Pharma products.
    All the writing is Turkish
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  10. TNotch347

    TNotch347 Member

    Lol @Silentlemon1011 i doubt it, never know I guess but I’ve come across this site before long before the shit hit the fan over there.

    Friday on a Monday. Meso never disappoints
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  11. Yeah I might be a bit paranoid. lol.
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  12. Jsj1

    Jsj1 Member

    Mistake got fixed fast hhhhhhmmmmmmmm
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    Thank you for kind attention. I checked the website too. Its writing as a;

    20 x Rimobolan Depot Amp. 100 Mg 190$

    Its not 290$. You can check again.

    For your kind information.
    Thank you
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    I answered quickly.
    I'm sorry I didn't see you write this. Thanks
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    We ship from Turkey. Our company based on the Istanbul Turkey.
    Thank you
  16. TNotch347

    TNotch347 Member

    So you proved to us you have one box of everything you sell. Maybe. Can you send pics of actual stock, with a crumpled piece of paper saying meso and the date
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    Of course, I can. Let me go to warehouse and take some pictures for you and Meso members. Thank you
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    You can find more pictures in here. If you want to see more and different pictures, you can directly contact with us.

    Pls noted: all cold chain products are kept in +2,8 degree. No worries.

    Thank you for kind interest.
    STOCK  PICTURES 4.jpg STOCK PICTURES 2 17.12.2019.jpg STOCK PICTURES 3      17.12.2019.jpg STOCK PICTURES 5   17.12.2019 .jpg STOCK PICTURES 17.12.2019.jpg STOCK  PICTURES 4.jpg STOCK  PICTURES 4.jpg STOCK  PICTURES 4.jpg STOCK PICTURES 2 17.12.2019.jpg STOCK PICTURES 3      17.12.2019.jpg STOCK PICTURES 3      17.12.2019.jpg STOCK PICTURES 3      17.12.2019.jpg STOCK PICTURES 5   17.12.2019 .jpg STOCK PICTURES 5   17.12.2019 .jpg STOCK PICTURES 5   17.12.2019 .jpg STOCK PICTURES 17.12.2019.jpg STOCK PICTURES 17.12.2019.jpg STOCK PICTURES 17.12.2019.jpg
  19. Brotato

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    How many tabs and what brand?
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    Proviron is manufactured by BAYER in Germany.
    Package includes 20 tablets.
    expiry date : 2024-04

    You can see the pictures.

    Thank you

    proviron 1.jpg proviron 1.jpg proviron 2.jpg

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