PharmaHGHDirect. Shippings in 3-6 Business days

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  1. Mexicanmuscle

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    I would like to introduce PharmaHGHDirect.

    PharmaHGHDirect its the name i will use for source, gear and hgh.


    Who am I?
    Im a very friendly mexican guy who always want to make more money and be better at all he do. I have been training all my life and this sport is everything from me.
    Im 100% dedicated and been a source here in Mexico to various states because its legal here.
    Im an active competitor of Classic Physique and currently looking for my PRO card.
    I have a local store here in Mexico and i sell all kind of stuff... but to usa i can only sell XTLABS, BESTLABS and some various HGH kits and pharmaceutical grade HGH.

    The lab
    Im not a creator, im the source of my guy who wants to be in anonimity for obvious reasons. He lives in usa and have everything of the gear listed (down) ready to ship. This is part of his lab.

    Im a guy who can trust, believe me, you can. My client its my priority so you can keep your anonymity. You can ask whatever you want in pm.

    Sourcing on Other Platforms:
    I am a source in some discord channels and reddit. Have some habid posters here that have bought from me.

    Im very active and post all my meals and progress photos of my contest.

    Im 24/7 on this and ive been doing this almost 11 years.
    I need money for keeping competing.
    My passion is bodybuilding.
    Thank you for your time. Please make any question you want. Ill be happy to answer

    For list of items just email to

    Accepting PayPal and BTC.

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  3. Seven

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    I can speak on the type of person @Mexicanmuscle is and he's solid. Really friendly, down to Earth, does what he says he will do, overall great guy. I have not heard of one complaint about him. A few have bought gh from him, no blood work yet, but products were received in a timely manner.
  4. Mexicanmuscle

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    thanks man i appreciate your post
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  5. Brotato

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    even being in Mexico isn't accepting paypal an issue, not to mention all the charge backs...
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  6. Seven

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    I'd avoid PayPal. He has BTC.
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  7. Mexicanmuscle

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    I accept btc. I’m here if you want something.
  8. Iron Vett

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    We’re still gonna need tits...
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  10. Mexicanmuscle

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    Give me some hours and ill post them. writing all the petitions so i can respond everything.
    Thanks for your words!
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  11. Seven

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    I seen em, they're spectacular!! She's a professional and it wouldn't be a good idea for her to show anything.

    You're just gonna have to trust me! ;):)
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  13. Iron Vett

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    Hey @Seven. I have a fantastic inbox that’s open and then others would just have to trust me too lolo_O:cool:
  14. Mexicanmuscle

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    Haha we are well known in Mexico, can’t do that. But they’re pretty :)
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  15. T-Bagger

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    So are you affiliated with Pompeyo?
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  16. Seven

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    Is that guy a reseller of XTlabs or BestLabs? That's what I heard, but idk for sure?

    MM actually works for both of those labs. I believe his title is Chemical Engineer. From the way I understand him. So no middle man. MM is gonna grab products from the stock could say. I'm not meaning to speak for him, but his English isn't the best.
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  17. Wait?!? Its Friday?.... WE NEED pics of the Ol ladies tits or butthole. Ur pick but I personally like the Butthole.
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  18. Sp2.0

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    @Seven. Are you a rep for this guy ?
  19. T-Bagger

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    Yeah, Pompeyo sells XT stuff as well as pharma stuff and is also based in Mexico with domestic ops here. This guy sounds familiar.
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  20. bolder

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    Honesty like the intro @Mexicanmuscle
    You’re missing the paper in your pics with Meso and the date though.

    I also liked where you say you post your meals and progress pics on your thread that you are active on.

    Now just waiting on the tits and ass pics :D
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