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    FOTO 2.jpg FOTO 1.jpg Hello. My name is David and I want present PHARMASOURCE here. We are source of legit pharmaceutical goods from Europe, located in European Union. Our experiences are more like 15 years and we have sources in pharmacies, our speciality is Greece, but some have from UK, Ucraine, Turkey etc.
    We also produced generics and goods from ALLEYGH, Alpha Pharma, Balkan PHARMACEUTICALS, NOVEPHARM , PRIMUS RAY , EMINENCE labs etc.

    Our goods is pharmaceutical grade with original package. Sending from European Union states only !! by standard mail service = no signature of receiver. Shipping price is 10,- USD .
    We are not sending free samples.

    for orders and any questions contact mail is


    testosterone Enanthate NORMA Hellas 1x250mg / 15,- USD
    Testosterone Enanthate NORMA Hellas 10x250mg / 130,- USD
    Testosterone Enanthate NORMA Hellas 20x250mg / 220,- USD

    Genotropin Pfizer Hellas 36iu cartridge / 250,- USD ......not available now

    tamoxifen Worckhard 30x20mg 25,- USD
    Tamoxifen Worckhard 60x20mg 45,- USD
    clomiphene Anpharm Hellas 24x50mg 25,- USD
    Clomiphene Anpharm Hellas 48x50mg 45,- USD

    Proviron Bayer Hellas 20x25mg / 20,- USD

    exemestane Specifar 30x25mg / 80,- USD
    Exemestane Specifar 60x25mg / 150,- USD
    Ananstrozol Specifar 28x1mg / 80,- USD
    Anastrozol Specifar 56x1mg / 150,- USD

    Pregnyl MSD ( Organon ) 5000iu / 25,- USD
    Pregnyl MSD ( Organon ) 3x1500iu / 30,- USD

    Insuline Novorapid Novonordisk 5x3ml ( 100iu /ml ) 120,- USD

    Isotroin Pfizer Hellas 30x10mg / 35,- USD
    Isotroin Pfizer Hellas 60x10mg / 65,- USD

    Liothyronine t3 Unipharma 30x0,25mcg / 15,- USD
    Euthyrox Merck/SPC 30x50mcg / 12,- USD

    Essentiale Forte Sanofi Aventis 100x300mg / 70,- USD

    Ephedrine HCL ENURACE 100x50mg ( veterinary ) / 120,- USD ....this product be on stock soon

    Oxanabol 2 boxes / 100x10mg / 100,- USD
    Rexobol 2 boxes / 100x10mg / 50,- USD
    Alphabol 2boxes / 100x10mg / 45,- USD
    clenbuterol 50x0,04mcg / 25,- USD
    Mesterolon 50x25mg / 35,- USD
    Tamoxifen 50x20mg / 30,- USD ....on stock soon
    Clenbuterol 120x0,04mcg / 40,- USD
    Oxandrolon 100x10mg / 65,- USD
    Stanozolol 100x10mg / 35,- USD
    Methandrostenolon 100x10mg / 35,- USD
    ALLEYGH peptides
    HGH Evogene 10x10iu / 200,- USD
    IGF1 LR3 10x0,1mg / 200,- USD

    Uploaded photos of piece of our stock, HGH and IFG are out of fridge only for make a photo.

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    Some other photo. Can send you detail photos of boxes,bar-codes, included letters if some will need to check that our goods is 100% legit. FOTO8.jpg FOTO9 (2).jpg FOTO10.jpg FOTO8.jpg FOTO10.jpg FOTO9 (2).jpg
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    Now now get in line DBZ just started up too so wait in line for your bashing

    I know every once in a while meso gets a shit storms of labs trying to set up shop but come on
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    Gonna enjoy my morning breakfast watching this clown get run outta here :D
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    Why are you here @pharmasource , you know this is not a source board right?
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    Dear sires, I dont want to offend anyone. I know that I will be attacked from some members here. So please, If you have some meaningful note, go on.
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    Iam here to offer pharmaceutical goods. Yes, I check SCOC and posts about sources. But as all can see, sources in this Underground part of forum are still here. So this is about possibility to buy legit things.
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    You came to Meso uninvited. So kindly leave.
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    Why don't you accept bitcoin?

    How long have you been in business?

    Post pics of your wife's tits.
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    why does a source based in the EU list prices in USD and have a chinese email address?

    and terrible english
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    One word- SCAMMER
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    Some answers you can find in first post. Please dont make a newbie from me. Have many years experiences with pharmaceutical goods and people who working with me too.
    Well your right, we dont accept bitcoins for now, but we are working for possibility to pay in bitcoin.
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    The prices are good, but I'd be hesitant until people begin vouching for you, showing blood work, etc... there are so many EU sources trying to get a grip here. You better be on your A game, if you're a scanner you'll be found out very quickly here. Only a fool would try to scam this board, you simply won't get far. Just an FYI. And no one wants samples, at least no one intelligent, those are not a reliable way to tell a legitimate source from a scammer. if you're legit, stick around and do what you're asked, at least be smart about it though. Don't post anything that's going to get you busted by LE of course. If you stick around long enough and support the board abs your customers for the long run, you'll gladly be welcomed here, as some sources have been. Be polite and respectful to everyone and don't rip anyone off. At this point, you're not entitled to anyone's respect, or money. In time, possibly.
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    Also, @Eman is right.

    Tits or gtfo

    And yes, you want to be taken seriously, you need to get bitcoin.
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    Find a better translation service...

    Post dem pics...
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    Please seriously. CHINESE ? Sorry sir, but Proronmail.CH is mail from Switzerland, the same like . Yes, my english is not good, Iam guilty :)
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    LOL please, when you dont have the same goods, not necesary to call anybody scammer sire.
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    nobody who learnt English within Europe would use the word 'sire'. try a better translation service.

    genuine question.. why would someone choose to risk sending you their hard earned money based on this thread?
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    It's going to take a great deal of convincing, this thread is already on a downhill slope.