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    2B42F948-108C-4A77-812D-956044033A45.png 2 Galenika amps per week (500mg) , 360mg (1.2) cc of his NPP.
    Best testosterone I’ve ever used, no pip or lumps. Feeling great. Also running his aromasin 12.5mg /day. The npp very smooth also no pip or lumps!
    Bloods taken at 6 weeks on and 48 hours after last pin.
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    Looks like good numbers.

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  3. Ty for sharing:)
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    67582A32-A3F3-43DC-B90F-FA65534444F8.png Sorry guys I forgot the other half with the date. Starting to think I might be anemic. If you look at my previous bloods you’ll notice That I have a consistentcy of the same highs and lows flagged. But atleast you’ll know I’m not full of shit or some reverse scammer like some source tried to claim...
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  5. High RBC, low hemoglobin, good hematocrit... i'm confused as fuck right now.

    Blood donation should bring down the RBC, but in turn would further lower the already low hemoglobin...?

    Paging @Dr JIM
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  6. Dr JIM

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    These numbers are CW ANEMIA!

    The high RBC is likely the result of the machine counting all RBC lines.

    Anemic folk churn out immature smaller cells from their bone marrow which results in a HIGH RBC count a Low MCV (esp if Iron defecience is the cause)
    and a high RDW

    The latter being a reflection in the degree of variation of RBC SIZE

    Hope that helps
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  7. Dr JIM

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    And while these numbers may be expected in menstruating gals, a
    Crit/Hgb of less than 39/13 in a mate warrants further investigation, or at least a repeat CBC.
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    For the purposes of blood donation folk are better off relying upon
    their H/H and ignore all the other indices.

    That’s what the ARC does and tos is a good example of WHY

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    HIGHRISK Member

    Which test was this? The one I got didn't have free test level.
  10. Sudz

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    HORMONE PANEL WITH F&T testosterone LC/MS-MS
    Price: $103.99
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    HIGHRISK Member

    Thank you sir
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    Is the e2 sensitive with that test?
  13. Sudz

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    I dont know sorry.